15 Orchard Moments We’re Thankful For

the orchard 15 anniversaryWith Thanksgiving coming up next week, Christmakwanzakah around the corner, and Hurricane Sandy behind us, we’re all feeling pretty grateful. In that vein, we’ve put together a list 15 moments at The Orchard that stand out fondly in our memory.

Do you remember that time…? Did you retweet when we did this…? What are your favorite Orchard moments you’d like to share?

Before we get started: Thanks to all Orchardites who contributed to this list and the people involved in making these memories special. There were so many (another thing we’re thankful for!), we just couldn’t include everything. Here’s to lots more to come!

1. Moving à la “Orchard” 

Between moving from Orchard Street into a shared eMusic office on Park Avenue, from there to our very own floor, and then back to our roots downtown where we took over the TVT space, we experienced a healthy dose of memorable moments. The standout? Losing half of our “Crunk Juice” sign somewhere in the middle. Luckily it was the bottom half, otherwise we would have a giant neon sign on the wall that just says “Juice.”

2. Partying Like It’s Our First Time

Whether it’s welcoming guests to our first midem party; packing the house at our first showcase at The Great Escape in Brighton, U.K.; seeing the line go around the block at our 2011 SXSW showcase featuring Charles Bradley, The Menahan Street Band and The Black Angels among others; putting together an awesome live performance in homage to old school Hip Hop at the legendary Mo Pitkins with Jus Ice and Dres from Blacksheep backed by a live band; or having two Electronic bands — Duologue and Solid Gold — perform their first acoustic set for us and kill it at our first ever CMJ Stairwell Series; these all represent times when everything and everyone came together.

3. Orchard U.N.

Speaking of events and parties… In 2008, our midem summit included 50 Orchardites from locales as exotic as South Africa, Burkina Faso, Argentina and Russia. We all congregated around a very large table that was set up like a U.N. meeting with country flags on our name badges.

4. Work-stationing It

The day we launched The Orchard Workstation definitely stands out. To date it remains one of the many things that sets us apart from our competitors.

5. CD You Later

Along those lines, the day we stopped ingesting Compact Discs with our invention of this tool we now take for granted — Release Builder — was Orchard-defining.

6. Better Together

It’s not just joining forces with IODA, it’s the moment our IODA and Orchard meeting of the minds connected around BBQ and cocktails at SXSW 2012, shortly after we announced our merger. After having been archenemies for years, we were now on the same side of the table at Moonshine.

7. Lights… Camera… Action Sports!

Another standout: the day we launched our Action Sports Film Distribution business. Our sudden category leader position gave wings to our video business.

8. Let’s Get Physical

Looking back a little further, deciding to keep the TVT Physical Distribution Team and re-enter the physical business was huge. A little unexpected coming from a digital company, and very exciting too.

9. Orange Is The New Late

Greg Scholl’s introduction of the now cherished “Orange Sweater” is a big fave. Later parodied in Brad Navin’s Halloween costume, it is now the “Scarlett Letter” for coming into a meeting late.

10. We Are Orange Family

One year, we secured an orange kicks sponsorship from Puma for SXSW. Essentially, they gave all of our 20+ attendees free sneakers, and we wore them throughout Austin for the week. It definitely made it easy to tell who worked at The Orchard.

11. Wham! Bam, Thank You Sir

The George Michael Suite. [sigh] This moment lasted a few years as those of us outside of London could stay in the suite inside our London office (which was previously owned by Mr. Wham), enabling many more trips to the quite expensive city of London.

12. Welcome to The Orchard Jungle

Having Business Insider take a photo tour of our office helped us clean our desks, pull out our fancy pants and spotlight our coolest and nerdiest kinks (Nerf missile launcher, rigged computers, kegerators…) for all to see.

13. Knowing When To Stop Popping

Here’s one we’re super relieved about: opting not to move forward with our “Ringles” program. Failing big is important too, but avoiding bad moves like these are when you wipe that bead of sweat off your collective forehead and sigh.

14. MMMhmmm…

In 2005 we launched a meeting called M3, which stood for Marketing, Merchandising and Mobile and was an opportunity for the Client team to meet with the Marketing team to discuss priorities and campaigns. Every few years the meeting evolves and now includes members of our Physical and Sync teams, and will keep expanding as we add on more services.

15. Recognizing You’re An Orchardite

Participate in our semi-pro Battle of the Bands each year. Take our Halloween Costume Contest very seriously. Give your inner adolescent self a high five when attending a Boyz II Men listening party. Get “that feeling” on Tuesday mornings when you rush to check out iTunes placements and find out you landed a Splash or Banner on the Homepage. Be up for (playfully — but seriously) getting into a boxing match against your CEO. Put a paper fruit on your head for a company e-card.

So many memories, so little space to fit them all… These past 15 years have certainly been a great ride, with throwbacks and discoveries, launches and acquisitions, lessons and successes…

To all Orchardites, clients, fans, music and video that have helped create the unforgettable moments that have carved our identity over the years, THANK YOU!

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