15 Perks We Get For Working Here (Among Others)

The Orchard Celebrates 15 Years as Music and Video Industry PioneersLoving your job and looking forward to going to work everyday are things you always say you want and unfortunately, don’t often get. Here at The Orchard, you do! Music rising from the cubes as you’re working towards something you’re passionate about and having a great group of people to join you along the way? What more could you ask for?!

Well… Over here, the powers that be don’t wait for you to ask! (Ok, that’s not entirely true – we have an Idea Box email account we can use to pitch cool new suggestions.) When you work at The Orchard, not only are you surrounded by passionate, skilled and ambitious people, you’re also pampered with some pretty sweet perks.

In honor of our 15th anniversary, I’ve picked out 15 of my faves… Check out the infographic below for some more! (Then, if you feel so inclined, send your applications to jobs@theorchard.com or check out our Job Listings…)

  1. Gym Discounts: A healthy body breeds a healthy mind… And Crunch is just around the corner!
  2. Weekly Fresh Fruit: Every Tuesday morning to help refresh our minds.
  3. Pets Welcome: Our favorites are Bowie and Melody.
  4. Monthly Happy Hours: From Swift to Phebe’s, with some occasional stopovers at Eataly, we love working together and partying together.
  5. Chair Massage Days: …mmmmhmmm
  6. Free Food Delivery (if you work early or late): Seamless Web, anyone? It’s on The Orchard!
  7. Summer Fridays: Friday afternoons in the summer sun. Best. Thing. Ever.
  8. Movie Nights: Because we distribute movies too, and we’ll never say no to hanging out and popping corn.
  9. 401K with Company Match: Lookin’ out for us on the long-term too!
  10. Company Sports Teams: We’ve been known to put our blood, sweat and tears into these, and Rob Schustack has the scars to prove it.
  11. The Orchard Stairwell Series: When our artists stop by and give us a live show on our very own Stairwell. We’ve most recently had the pleasure of cheering for The Big Sleep, Pearl and the Beard, and Dinosaur Feathers.
  12. Game Nights: Taking out our dusty Jenga, Uno and Operation. Or poker for the big kids.
  13. Big Summer Bash: Barge parties or bar parties… we get together every summer for a big. summer. bash.
  14. Artisan Coffee: Not just your everyday coffee… We’ve got a milk frother too.
  15. Banking Discount: Citibank treats us gooood.
Treats and Perks for working at The Orchard

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