Say Hello Again to Au Revoir Simone

Unknown-2On September 24th, for the first time in four years, Brooklyn band Au Revoir Simone will release a new album, Move In Spectrums. Produced by Jorge Elbrecht on the recently revived Instant Records, the album is the follow-up to their sophomore release, Still Night, Still LightIf you love catchy beats and smooth female vocals, then you should definitely check out the first single on the album, “Somebody Who.”

Since this is their first album in a few years, we are sure that most of you are wondering where these talented, keyboard-wielding ladies have been. Heather D’Angelo, Erika Forster and Annie Hart felt that they needed a break after their last two successful and well-loved albums. They were given the opportunity to tour internationally, work with other artists such as French band Air and Johnny Marr, and fill concert halls all over the world. When they were finished with all of these amazing adventures, they decided to take their own path for a while.

Heather decided she wanted to pursue her education and finished up her environmental biology degree at Columbia University. Smart and talented! Erika and Annie stayed on the performance route, with Erika going solo for a bit and Annie touring with bands such as Uninhabitable Mansions and Pursesnatchers. The girls came together for various projects throughout, like scoring a short film by Giada Colagrande for Miu Miu, but whether or not they’d ultimately reunite was still unclear.

Fortunately, the paths they took did end up leading them back together, pleasing Au Revoir fans all over the world! Move In Spectrums is true to the name of its title, creating different melodic textures and aural colors via the finest songs that the band has ever recorded. One listen to the album confirms what you already knew but didn’t know how to say: that you missed the band and you’re glad they’re back.

So even though it was “au revoir” for a few years, it’s “hello” again to this awesome band! Be sure to check out the entire album when it drops in September.

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