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Don’t Fall Into the Autumn Leaves Music Nostalgia

October 29, 2013 Industry Trends No Comments

autumnleaves_anneh632When I say that I think this year has gone extremely fast, I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. We are already towards the end of October working on the last priority releases of the year and Q1 in the new year releases are already on the radar. How did that happen?

It feels like it was summer yesterday and I kind of catch myself dreaming about a never ending summer. But I know that it’s not possible, and in fact, I do actually like the change, also when it comes to weather. Oh well, most of the time.

Likewise, in the music industry, it’s easy to fall into the “Autumn Leaves” nostalgia, but sorry we need to face it, the summer is over, it’s a new season and I have to say that Spotify is not “The Last Desperate Fart Of A Dying Corpse.” I think it’s about time we all started to embrace the change and make the best out of it.

Getting attention is probably the most difficult thing to get nowadays. It takes talent, a lot of work and if you get lucky enough to get it, why not take advantage of it and talk to your audience where they are? Lots of ordinary people are consuming and finding music on YouTube and various streaming services; that choice was made a long time ago by fans and it will only change to something new, not go back to what we call the more “traditional” ways.

Counting how much you get paid per stream is the wrong way to value a service. The same way temperature perception is different if it’s 18°C in the summer or in autumn. As with the weather, we can’t control the fact that changes happen all the time. There was a big outcry when iTunes launched; the same with the CD. But we learned to love it. I’m convinced it will be the same case when a new business model arrives, and we’ll probably all speak about how great the streaming services were.

Thanks for your attention while reading this post. I hope you enjoyed the music links, here is a link to the full soundtrack. Feel free to share it!

Prestigious, Personable and Charitable: L.O.C. Is The Whole Package

October 22, 2012 Artist News No Comments

L.O.CDanish rapper L.O.C. has created a little bit of history. Not only did his album storm into the Danish chart at #1, he also had his highest ever first week album sales. This feat is even more impressive when you consider his album was self-released through his own label, SGMD. It is a truly independent success story.

His real name, Liam O’Connor, gives away a few clues about his identity. As son of an Irish father and Danish mother, he’s become a superstar in his country while rapping in his native tongue.

As an established artist in Denmark, he fully understands the importance of engaging with his audience and getting his fans active. His last album, Prestige, Paranoia, Persona Vol. 1, released earlier this year, was given away for free during the first month of release.

While we often complain about how hard it can be to sell music in today’s climate, L.O.C. and his team chose to approach the Danish Red Cross and offered them all of the proceeds from his new album’s first month sales. Impressively, more than 10,000 copies of Prestige, Paranoia, Persona Vol. 2 were sold in the first week, generating around over 480,000 Danish Kroner ($85,000) in much needed money for the charity.

L.O.C. and his team really focused on having an experience or a product available for everybody. You can stream the album, you can buy it digitally, or if you are a super fan, you are able to buy several different limited edition CD bundles including an official Danish L.O.C./Red Cross coin! This release strategy has worked extremely well and we applaud L.O.C. and his team, as this is not only building awareness around the Red Cross activity in a very entertaining way, it’s also generating important revenues for the charity.

Catch L.O.C. on the road as he tours his native land… If you should find yourself in Denmark this autumn, check out the dates here!

We can’t wait to see what L.O.C.’s next move is!

Saunter Over to the Copenhagen Jazz Festival for Great Music and a Good Time

July 2, 2012 Artist News No Comments

Stefan PasborgCopenhagen Jazz Festival — one of the most prestigious Jazz festivals in Europe — is taking place July 6-15 2012 and The Orchard is pleased that many of our great artists will be performing. Every year, around 250,000 people from around the world participate in the Danish festival to feel and enjoy the great atmosphere of more than 1,000 concerts taking place. Here is a selection of great artists from The Orchard playing the festival this year.

Three-time Grammy winner and drummer Stefan Pasborg will be playing several stages during the festival with his band Pasborg’s Odessa 5. This great artist just released his third album Pasborg’s Odessa 5 X-tra Large Live last Monday. Pasborg’s first release, Triplepoint, was among the Top 5 “Best Debut Albums of 2007” by All About Jazz Magazine, New York. Pasborg has been touring most of Europe as well as the U.S., Canada, Asia and Africa. The Copenhagen Jazz Festival is one spot among many where Pasborg will be performing this year.

Diego Figueiredo is a young new talent from Brazil. Winner of several important competitions like Montreaux Jazz competition and VISA Prize, Diego is considered a big guitar talent in the world. His new album Tempos Bons has just been released. Diego will play at Montmartre on July 15th.

Denmark’s leading tenor saxophonist Jesper Thilo is well known for his swing and mainstream jazz and will be performing on the first- and more days at the festival. Last year on his 70th birthday, Jesper Thilo released Jesper Thilo & The American Stars, which featured a string of his recordings with great American and Danish Jazz musicians.

The alternative Pop/Indie Jazz quintet Kostcirkeln, with the Swedish singer and composer Qarin Wikström in front (double Grammy winner), released the EP Bästa Vän in April and has received great attention. Kostcirkeln will be opening the festival at Danish music collective/label ILK‘s own stage “5e.”

Award-winning pianist and composer Simon Toldam released his 1st album in five years on February 28th this year and has been received with standing ovations. The album was recorded live-in-concert in Copenhagen with his new trio. Sunshine Sunshine or Green As Grass has received a bunch of great reviews in Denmark, but also in international Jazz magazines like Cuadernos de Jazz in Spain and New York City Jazz Record. Simon Toldam will also be playing at ILK’s stage at 5e.

One of the greatest and most popular jazz pianists right now is the Danish artist Carsten Dahl who has worked and recorded with leading artists on the Danish and international Jazz scene, like Benny Golson, Eddie Gomez, Ed Thigpen among many others. His last album Metamorphosis was critically acclaimed by several music magazines. It is improvisational Jazz at its very best. Carsten Dahl will be performing at the festival in various contexts.

This was a small rundown of some of the great acts you can see at this year’s Jazz Festival. So if you’re wondering where to go this summer, I would definitely recommend visiting Copenhagen and enjoying the unique atmosphere that comes when the city is surrounded by some of the best Danish and international Jazz acts and musicians of our time.


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Danish Rapper L.O.C. Releases First Album with The Orchard

March 23, 2012 Artist News No Comments

l.o.c. prestige paranoia persona denmarkWe are proud to welcome Danish superstar rapper L.O.C. to The Orchard! As one of the judges on The Voice in Denmark (Danmarks største stemme) alongside fellow Orchard artist, Sharin Foo of The Raveonettes, L.O.C. has established himself as the biggest selling rapper in his native land with no less than three #1 albums.

Today, he celebrates his new adventure with The Orchard and his own independence by releasing his new album, Prestige, Paranoia, Persona Vol. 1 for free exclusively via TDC (Denmark only!).

Danish Music magazine Gaffa gave the album 5 out of 6 stars and say they can’t wait for Vol. 2.

If you live in Denmark, what are you waiting for? For everyone else, keep your eyes peeled for the release in 5 weeks…

The Disruption of the Play Button

December 14, 2011 Industry Trends 1 Comment

We are reaching the end of the year and it’s a great moment to stop up and think about what has happened in past years and predict what will be important in the future.

Every week we see that new music apps becomes available, new digital music platforms are launched and new creative and innovative ways of consuming music are created.

From a Scandinavian point of view, we see that many of The Orchard’s Scandinavian labels have been doing really well this year and that digital music sales have obviously increased. What is interesting is that digital revenues are starting to gain importance and that labels are starting to think digitally before physically. This may be due to the fact that Scandinavian countries are taking the helm when it comes to finding completely new ways to sell and buy music with real success stories.

Spotify has launched in a lot of new countries this year. Where this is new for many countries, streaming services have been standard in Scandinavia for a few years. Spotify was founded in Sweden in 2006, and has grown to be the biggest streaming service by far in Sweden. Besides Spotify in Sweden, Denmark was on top of it when TDC, a leading provider of communication services, launched its TDC Play in 2008. It was the first store to bundle music and telecom together and provide its costumers with unlimited music access. Among other streaming services in addition to Spotify and TDC Play, new innovative opportunities to listen, share and buy music have become a reality in Scandinavia – one of the first territories to achieve this.

Today, revenue doesn’t only come from downloads on music stores, but from any click through a streaming services as well. This makes it maybe the most exciting time for the industry in years. By having music become available to everyone and by increasing the number of subscribers and clicks, these large audiences will drive the full industry, including artists, to a more healthy stage.

Just think about how many times a day you view a video on YouTube, listen to a track on a blog or share a playlist on Facebook… All of these actions create revenues for artists. These new platforms are the new industry; and our job as a label or distributer is to drive people to the Play button.

It is worth noticing that the increase made from streaming services doesn’t cause revenue to go down on download stores. On the contrary, figures show that when revenue increases from the streaming services, download sales increase as well.

After a decade full of chaos, I feel that the industry is finally coming up with an interesting playground for artists, labels and fans where a healthy platform can be built. Labels can again focus on finding and developing talented artists, without sweating the small stuff.

The play button might have been disrupted, but the music has not.

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