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Hey, CMJ! We Got You.

It’s HERE! CMJ is happening all over the fine city of New York and we’re ready for it. This year, The Orchard is kicking off their very first Stairwell Series CMJ Edition tomorrow, live from our NYC office. We are hosting the lovely Sophie Auster, the party-inducing Duologue, electro studs Solid Gold, and poptastic Pretty & NiceWatch this space here for pictures and links to videos! Speaking of great Orchard music, here is our CMJ 2012 mix for your enjoyment in case you missed it.

While the night is left for showcasing and parties, let’s not forget the daytime conference. This year we have loads of Orchard representation. Below are panels you can check out to catch some of our staff chatting about what they do best. And there is something for everyone here.

Analyzing Digital and Physical Sales in a Global Market [Cat Kreidich]
With unprecedented mainstream success around the globe, independent labels are proving that the freedoms of the digital world can be far more empowering than the shrinking physical market. Here we delve into what drivers are behind the long-term success of digital music services and, the importance of the independent repertoire and catalogues to their consumers.      
October 18th, 2012
12:30 PM to 1:30 PM

Sifting Through Transnational Licensing Complexities [Miki Tunis]
While the world gets closer from digital opportunities, the complexities of international music licensing grows. This panel of experts will depict, define and try to conquer the current issues at hand while also exposing where good fortune may exist.       
October 18th, 2012
2:00 PM to  3:00 PM

Silver Boardroom Meeting:  Social Media Movements [Jaclyn Ranere and Tierney Stout]
An opportunity for aspiring executives to engage in a boardroom meeting environment. Each meeting will have two well established industry professionals running an agenda. Attendees will be challenged to think, share and generate ideas pertaining to the topic at hand.        
PANEL ROOM: “Silver Boardroom”
October 18th, 2012
3:30 PM to  4:30 PM

Seasoned Experience Implemented in a New Music Industry [Richard Gottehrer]
While a shrunken music industry still prevails, the physical and technological boundaries of the world music market have been exploding. Many artists, labels and managers from the US are now also focusing on efforts abroad, and vice versa. These now-modern pioneers will delve deep into the changes of modern music business in both the domestic and international spaces.
October 19th, 2012
3:30 PM to  4:30 PM

Next Year, We’ll Be Old Enough To Drive!

October 1, 2012 Orchard News No Comments

Fifteen is a big year, right? You’re starting to take driving lessons (if you’re in the U.S., at least) and you feel a sense of pride and confidence in this new responsibility of ALMOST being able to drive. I can’t remember my 15th birthday party but I’m sure it was full of nerds. Needless to say, I’m sure it was also fun. When The Orchard turned 15 this year, we decided not to have just one birthday party but 5.

“Why 5?” you say. Yes, we really like cake and parties but it was mainly to share this celebration with as many of our clients and friends as possible. If we could have, we would have had one in every territory but unfortunately, time and logistics kept us from it. This year, we’re celebrating in the following cities:

  • New York City
  • London
  • Hamburg
  • Nashville
  • San Francisco

Click here to see pics from our NYC party and keep an eye out on our Facebook Page to see pics from London, Hamburg, Nashville and San Francisco.

We think we’ve done pretty darn good so far in our 15 years and look forward to the next 15 — wonder where digital music will have ventured to by then?

Clients Don’t Grow On Trees But If They Did, You’d Still Have To Water Them

July 26, 2012 Marketing No Comments

money treeMy mom always used to tell me that money doesn’t grow on trees; you have to work for it. My mom has told me a lot of things, but this one stuck with me – I am still hoping (deep down) that someone is working on that whole money tree idea.

I digress.

After completing Round 1 of a recent client outreach exercise, we’ve been reminded of how imperative it is to listen to your clients and nurture them (thats where the tree analogy came from in case you didn’t get that segue). If you just let them sit there, they (and you) will never reach your full potential. That said, listening to your clients is not always easy. Sometimes, when you listen to your clients, they will actually tell you, “Yes, you do look fat in that dress.” At The Orchard, our product and marketing teams appreciate this honesty. You can see this attention to client feedback simply by noticing all the updates and enhancements to our tools that we roll out continuously throughout the year (we most recently updated our Analytics platform with new feeds and custom Marketable Events and announced new Marketplace partners). Of course, we also welcome the pats on the back from clients when we ask for feedback on The Orchard’s products or tools.

With this latest project, our “listening” was in the form of “observing.” We took a small group of clients, sent them personal emails reminding them of one of our most beloved tools — Analytics — and watched what happened. I can’t share the results just yet (you’ll have to wait until after Round 2 is complete) but based on the initial outreach, enormous increase in usage and the continued usage of the tool after outreach, we realized that we might be missing something simple here. Maybe our clients just needed a little nudge, or reminder that it is there. They’re dealing with enough on their plate already, so we saw first-hand the value in marketing directly to our clients to remind them of this useful tool (and all of the other valuable tools we offer) and watching how they react.

Whether it be listening to feedback or marketing to clients and observing their behavior, both of these activities give you insight into your client, which in turn, can allow your company to build tools, services, enhancements, etc. to make your client’s experience that much better.

I’ll leave you with something my boss, Jaclyn, mentioned to me… “I always read that, ‘If you’re not measuring marketing, you’re not marketing.’ They fail to mention ‘when you measure marketing, it makes marketing a lot more fun and rewarding’”.


Cults, Music, Drugs and Brazil – This Ain’t No Telenovela But The Story of Tim Maia

July 17, 2012 Artist News No Comments

Tim MaiaVery rarely is an unreliable, unpredictable, explosive and at times uncontainable personality in music matched with such a talented, emotional and subtle soul. Enter: Tim Maia. As a Brazilian Jazz/Soul singer, Tim ironically embodied all that is Rock n’ Roll.

He is said to have begun his career in music via New York City in the late 50’s and early 60’s but was quickly sent back to Brazil after a run-in with the law. Back in his homeland, he found himself integrating American Soul throughout his native rhythms of Brazil, creating styles never heard before in the country.

He released numerous albums beginning in 1970 (many of which were self-titled Tim Maia) and quickly gained notoriety and interest with hits like “These Are the Songs” (later re-recorded by Pieno Verão), “Azul da Cor do Mar” and “Não Quero Dinheiro (Só Quero Amar)”….but this hype was short lived. Maia’s drug habits and spiritual passion often took precedent over meetings, professionalism, business etiquette and at times his own shows. His political motivations and involvement in cult-like groups is also said to have hindered his path to further acclamation and recognition.

All that said, and with all of Maia’s curious personal issues, few have been able to disregard the iconic imprint he left on Brazilian/World music. He fused American Soul with Brazilian Samba and Baião, creating a beautiful and cheerful Soul/Funk/Jazz/Latin stew – that just tastes so good.

According to NPR, on October 2nd, Luaka Bop is planning to release Nobody Can Live Forever: The Existential Soul of Tim Maia which features some of Maia’s most notable (and maybe some overlooked) tracks throughout his career. Watch the preview below:

Happy Fourth of July (USA)!!

July 4, 2012 Orchard News No Comments

Our US offices are closed today and will reopen tomorrow!


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