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Lest We Forget 2011

While we all settle back down after our New Year’s Eve celebrations and look forward to 2012, let us not forget to look back fondly on the year we put to rest at midnight on Saturday.

For the Orchard, it was another record year. We launched and improved more client tools, including the launch of Artist Builder, The Orchard Marketplace and improvements to our Analytics tool.  Along with so many excellent Orchard campaigns and releases in 2011, Orchard artists blew up the Billboard Heatseakers charts, including Kina Grannis, Phantogram, Rhett Miller, Ray Davies and The Raveonettes. As if that’s not enough, we launched The Orchard Sports, which took our digital distribution services to a whole other level.

To put a cap on the year, The Orchard’s New York office hosted 19 of our international staff from around the world for a few days of meetings and work sessions capped by The Orchard Holiday Party. Having our global staff physically in the office with us is an ideal way to round out our year full of Skype and conference calls, emails and other means of slightly less formal communication. This face time with our international staff reminds us of the scale of our operations and how The Orchard is killing it in all corners of the globe.

We’ve already wished you a Happy Holiday with The Orchard’s Best of 2011 Playlist but here it is below in case you missed it – it’s also on Spotify and Rdio!

So welcome back to work everyone, well done 2011 and happy 2012.

Best of The Orchard 2011 by orchardmktg

Getting to Know Ya…

November 14, 2011 Orchard News 1 Comment

The Orchard has been providing our Daily Rind Blog readers with current and useful news since 2008 and as our readership grows, we feel its time to get a better feel for who our readers are.

Three things fuel The Daily Rind… the global music industry, our work at The Orchard and YOU. That’s why we cordially invite you to take this opportunity to help guide our content in the direction that you and our readers want by taking this survey.

It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s harmless… stop reading and just click HERE.

Orchard CMJ 2011 Success + Halloween Fun Fest

October 26, 2011 Orchard News No Comments

Today, you fall into one of two categories. Either you went to The Orchard Showcase during CMJ last week or you did not. I’ll first address those of you who did come…

Dear friends, colleagues, clients, artists and random music lovers off the streets, thank you! Thank you for making our CMJ Showcase with Fanbridge, VitaminWater and Moontoast such a hit. What was the best part? Having Scoundrels make the trek from the UK to impress all of our CMJers or Yellow Ostrich charming the pants off of everyone? Perhaps it was Ted Leo’s nostalgic solo set that made us all thank God that he is still as awesome as he’s ever been? O-kay if none of those, then it was surely Royce da 5’9’’ leaving everyone a little shocked but somehow completely and utterly satisfied. In true Orchard style, we pulled off a great event without a hitch.  

Now for those of you who didn’t make it.

If the above Thank You plea didn’t make you a little jealous, then these pictures here and here from The Self Portrait Project  will indeed. You missed a night of bowling, music, free beer, a free iPad thanks to Moontoast, a great venue (shout out to Brooklyn Bowl!) and most importantly, great company. Please do yourself a favor and come on out to our next event.

When is that you ask? Come on down for some Halloween festivities at Idle Hands Bar on Avenue B between 2nd and 3rd this Monday from 7-10PM.  The Orchard will be guest bartending and ALL tips go to World Savvy, who work to educate and engage youth around the world in community and world affairs. Hope you can join us to celebrate the weirdest holiday of the year and help the youth of the world while you do it!

What Soundland, Next Big Nashville and The Orchard Marketplace All Have in Common

October 5, 2011 Orchard News No Comments

Nashvegas, eh? I have to say, there is a blatant inaccuracy about this nickname and I can’t help but demand all of Nashville to renounce this moniker.

Nashville has the charming country folk mixed in with the charming not-so-country folk and somehow they all live together harmoniously in a big-but-small-enough-to-run-into-people-you-know size town. Just because they can party like its 1999 and drink any New Yorker under the table, I’m having a hard time finding the similarities between the city of sin and that sweet sweet capitol of Tennessee.

Now that this is off my chest, we can talk about Soundland. Next Big Nashville underwent some restructuring to create Soundland 2011 which made for some new programming (and a tiny bit of confusion), but I think the identity crisis may end up being a good thing for these folks. None of us can say we have our finger on the Nashville pulse like they do so I’d go so far as to say it’s an essential event for those wanting to dive deep into this thriving (not just country) slice of the industry. This is not to ignore the non-Nashville talent/participants, but I’m focusing on what I felt to be the most unique thing about the event, given the numerous conferences held throughout the rest of the year.

Our Marketplace launch party at Virago Club was a huge success (such a success we exceeded our bar tab 20 minutes into the event, nice) and the folks at SunTrust Bank and Loeb & Loeb were fantastic co-hosts. We’re looking forward to maintaining the relationships that came from our latest visit to Nashville and are excited to stay involved in the scene of the south.

Let The Orchard Marketplace Road Show Begin…

September 9, 2011 Client Tool, Orchard News 1 Comment

Maybe you’ve heard, maybe you haven’t but something is kicking off here at The Orchard. The Red Bull is sold out of the vending machines, we’re reaching our late night Seamless Web budget and sometimes I wonder if our developers just sleep in their pod in the back of the office.  We’ve been working full speed on our latest and greatest product launching September 12th at San Francisco Music Tech.

We bring you…

The Orchard Marketplace

In brief, The Marketplace connects our clients with the ever-growing sea of third party apps and provides a seamless interaction and partnership between the two. Look out for more official details on our blog and website soon (can’t give away too much yet) but no launch would be complete without a full on roll out of events and festivities.

We’re deploying some of our key executives and folks from our Marketing and Tech teams to spread the word to the ends of the earth all in the name of The Marketplace (we’ll have to hit up ROW during round two).  Take a look at our route and email me at if you’re interested in hearing about our activities in each city. Hope to see some of you guys on the road.

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