BalconyTV Records Launches with “Live From the Outside”

BalconyTV-Records-Live-From-The-OutsideIf you’re not familiar with the worldwide institution that is BalconyTV, cancel your plans because you have some videos to watch. For those of you that don’t live under a rock, BalconyTV has a new way for you to listen to their seemingly endless live performances captured from around the globe. Say hello to BalconyTV Records!

The project’s founders launched a label to give you the opportunity to listen to live, handpicked tracks from their favorite artists. With that, you can find killer BalconyTV recordings on your streaming service or online store of choice.

BalconyTV Records’ first release, Live From the Outside Vol. 1, is the first of a series of genre-based compilations. Vol. 1 focuses on indie music, with performances by BalconyTV stunners such as Slow Club, Gothic Tropic and BalconyTV Editor’s Choice 2016 winners, Moon.

Live From the Outside Vol. 1 is available on all digital stores and streaming services now, and you can expect Vol. 2 and Vol. 3 later this month. If you want more info, get the full deal from our press release.

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