Inside BalconyTV’s “Live From the Outside, Vol. 5”

It’s only been six months since we announced the creation of BalconyTV Records, but we’ve got some catching up to do. Born from global live performance video network BalconyTV, the label began by pulling the audio from some of the 15,000 plus live shows they’ve produced and arranging them into sick (and streamable) compilations.

In the spirit of the video channel’s knack for “music with a view” by shooting in beautiful locations worldwide, these comps are aptly named Live From The Outside.

Now a half-year old, BalconyTV Records is slated to push its fifth volume of the Live From The Outside series on March 10th, boasting one of the most exciting line-ups we’ve seen yet. Recorded everywhere from California to Cluj-Napoca, London to South Africa, these ten tracks cover quite a bit of ground.

Check out the full track listing below and click the songs names to watch each band’s performance on BalconyTV. Preorder Live From The Outside, Vol. 5 here.

1. “Egy Lepes” by Odett
2. “I’ll Carry You” by Little Brother Eli
3. “I Want to Feel Alive” by Lighthouse & the Whaler
4. “Fly” by Natalie 2V
5. “Last Chance” by Emily Kinney
6. “Animals” by In Flight Safety
7. “Chamois” by Lights Out
8. “Electric Sugar” by Medicine Boy
9. “Lost Boy” by Grace Kelly
10. “Joni Mitchell in Love” by The Anti Job

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