The Beauty Of Good Artwork: How To Break Through The Noise

Film Artwork In this age of consumption, everywhere you look seems to be another TV show you are way behind on binge-watching, a movie you don’t have time to watch, a book you have been meaning to read or the latest launch of the next video game everyone is talking about. No one has enough time to watch, read or play all the content at our disposal! It is nearly impossible to compete. However, that is why we spend some extra love and care on our poster art across all of our film titles; because the beauty of having good artwork is that people will actually click on it and maybe, just maybe, they will make the time to watch your movie.

Now that most of the digital, cable and satellite transactional partners have more visual UI’s than ever before, the films with good key art have the ability to stand out in a meaningful way. Firstly, you always want to convey the themes and correct tone of the film you are selling and speak directly to the target demo. Additionally, below are some key elements to break through the clutter and entice viewers with artwork:

Big Faces, But Not Too Many

It is always important to focus on key characters and make sure to feature the recognizable talent on your art. “Big faces” is a throwback to the physical home video key art rulebook but it still rings true today especially as the artwork specs for digital poster art is often quite small. With that said, generally do not include more than three faces as it becomes hard for the viewer to decipher and is less interesting, visually.

Easy To Read Title Treatment

When determining the best font to use make sure it is easy to read, again taking the small spec into account. You also want the title treatment to reflect the type of film it is. Often times, the font can have a real impact as to what the viewer assumes is the genre of the movie. For example, our movies TAKE ME and CARRIE PILBY are both comedies, however they are very different types of comedies. The title treatment used for each therefore reflects that and positions the film effectively.Take Me Carrie Pilby film Artwork

Clean Design

Generally it is always better to delete the tag line on the VOD platforms as it is often just too small to read. In addition, the cleaner the artwork the more your eye tends to go to it so try to eliminate tag lines and only use key cast names when the talent is really meaningful.

Make It Pop

One thing to keep in mind is that most UIs on our partner platforms tend to be on the darker side and have black or darker colored backgrounds. Therefore, lighter artwork pops. Something to note when you are creating VOD art as this will help break through the clutter. Bright colors can also make a nice statement.

When Teaser Art Makes SenseFilm Artwork CP

Once in awhile, when a title appeals to multiple demographics, it may make sense to create a few different versions of poster art. For example, on CARRIE PILBY the theatrical artwork had to feature the incredible ensemble cast including Bel Powley, Nathan Lane and Gabriel Byrne. However, this may skew to an older audience so we wanted to do a less traditional teaser look that only featured Bel and might appeal to the younger female demo that would be more familiar with the young adult novel the movie was based on. This allowed us to get some nice digital press hits as younger female skewing outlets picked up the teaser art and featured the film.


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