Boxee TV Sees No Streaming Boundaries

Boxee TVWith a myriad of streaming services at our disposal, film and TV are seeing a massive reduction in the consumption of DVD’s. The truth is, streaming services are changing the way consumers watch movies, listen to their favorite songs and even enjoy television. It’s no wonder Boxee, the makers of open-source streaming software, are looking to get rid of DVD players once and for all.

Last week, Boxee formally announced their latest product to hit the market: Boxee TV. This device serves as the one-stop for all your streaming needs. Literally. With the help of your cable provider, Boxee TV allows users to watch live TV from the five major networks. This means you will now be able to watch ABC, CBS and FOX all in HD.

Boxee comes with great third party apps like Netflix, Pandora and YouTube pre-installed, ensuring that all your favorite movies, music and viral videos are at your fingertips. What appears to be Boxee TV’s greatest technological feat is the first ever no-limits DVR powered by the cloud. What this means is that now you can record your favorite shows virtually anywhere on any device without any data cap. Of course, Boxee does come with a fee. To enjoy the benefits of Boxee TV, you’ll need to dish out $99 for the box and $14.99/month to subscribe to DVR.

This product truly allows Boxee to stand apart from other streaming services and puts pressure on cable providers to answer the challenge. And as for DVD’s, it’s been nice knowing you.

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