Case Study: Machine Head Tease Bloodstone & Diamonds with Hidden Interactive Clips

Interactive Page for BlogWhen thinking of Metal legends, Bay area rockers Machine Head are among the first to jump to mind. Having just released their eighth studio album, Bloodstone & Diamonds, on November 10 via Nuclear Blast, these guys have been pushing the envelope and finding new ways to melt faces for over twenty years.

As could be expected, fans were chomping at the bit to listen to Bloodstone & Diamonds as soon as possible. Ahead of release, the band unleashed two intriguing album trailers and an epic video for the track “Now We Die,” all of which embraced the ancient alchemy-influenced visual style of Bloodstone & Diamonds. Still, we wanted to give the fans more, and thus the Bloodstone & Diamonds Interactive Landing Page was born.

Aside form the blood, sweat, tears and time put in to creating the music for Bloodstone & Diamonds, a ton of effort and care went into creating the overall visual and physical package of the album, which included a 48-page hardcover media book designed to look like a long-lost alchemy text. We thought this art deserved a home in the digital world as well as the physical, so we started brainstorming. The songs on Bloodstone & Diamonds are incredibly dynamic, ranging from tranquil, meditative chant to pure, soul-crushing Metal. To give fans a taste of this, we created short clips (30 seconds or less) of ten tracks on the album to accompany full track streams of “Killers and Kings” and “Now We Die,” which had already premiered. We then turned to our brilliant designer Airene Resurreccion to help us marry these visual and auditory elements on an interactive landing page to live on Machine Head’s website.

When fans first arrive at the page, they simply see the Bloodstone & Diamonds album art and release information with instructions to unveil the hidden content below. Once they started exploring, alchemy-style images would slowly fade into view, each one embedded with a track clip or stream. Twelve images teased the twelve tracks on the album, and fans were given a taste of the visual experience of Bloodstone & Diamonds as well as the auditory.

The page launched on October 27, and was met with immediate enthusiasm from fans and the media alike. Between October 27 and November 17 (one week post-street), the page received 6,000 unique visits. Overall, the Interactive Landing Page added value to the Bloodstone & Diamonds campaign by uniquely engaging fans (self-titled ‘Head Cases’) and igniting a flurry of press attention from Metal Shock Finland, Brave Words, Metal Storm and more.

Did we get you in the mood for some Metal? Check out the interactive album stream of Bloodstone & Diamonds below and keep an eye out for upcoming tour dates!

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