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Eleanor Friedberger Shows Us Her “New View” On Music

Transitioning from a band to a solo career can be a tough task, yet Eleanor Friedberger has proven to be up-to-the-level. Introduced to music years ago as the front woman to the band Fiery Furnaces and now coming out with her third solo album — her first as a Frenchkiss Records artist — Eleanor has certainly established her own… Read more »

Rock Meets Renaissance with Blackmore’s Night

Let’s take a trip back in time to the Renaissance, shall we? A time where people used phrases like “good day Sir!” or “farewell, my dear maiden.” Where music was usually improvisational and used as a form of artistic expression to tell a story. This is what I experienced as I listened to Blackmore’s Night‘s new album… Read more »

Sign Us Up for the Ride: Rose McGowan Dives Into Music

Attention all old school ‘Charmed’ fans. Attention all feminists and political activists. Attention all artists. Rose McGowan, who you may know as the face behind magical sister Paige Matthews, the unfortunate early Scream victim or the woman who recently hijacked a political event, is making her solo musical debut. And because she’s not the kind to fit just… Read more »

Let Catey Shaw Walk All Over You

As many aspiring musicians out there know, it only takes one big break in the entertainment industry to get your foot in the door. Catey Shaw is no stranger to this, as she got her opportunity when music producer Jay Levine of Lefthook Entertainment spotted her busking on the F train station. “It was completely serendipitous,” says Jay. “I just… Read more »

Finally Reunited: Aim & QNC Kick Bad Habits and Make Good Tunes

Andy Turner a.k.a. Aim released his acclaimed debut album Cold Water Music back in 1999 on Rae & Christian’s then burgeoning Grand Central Records. On that debut, Aim enlisted the vocal talents of NYC’s Q-Ball & Curt Cazal, a.k.a. QNC, for a track called “The Force“. Now, sixteen years and four artist albums later, they return for a full collaborative… Read more »