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5 Things I Can (and Should) Do Better To Improve My Digital Persona

March 1, 2012 Client Tool No Comments

Part of my role is to craft and monitor The Orchard’s digital footprint and online personality. Generally, this leaves me little time or energy to worry about how my own personal brand is reflected online. Not this week! Between the new Google privacy policy that goes into effect today and having to prepare my Facebook page for the eventual Timeline launch on March 30th, it’s time to pause and think of ways I can have a better online persona (and maybe even be a better person in the process).

Since “What I should do better” is a bit open-ended, I’m constraining myself to apps in the Marketplace (can’t stray too far away from The Orchard). Here are five things I should do:

  1. RocketHub – I’ve always wanted to make a coffee table book of travel photos, but first I need to visit a few more countries. So, I’ll try to raise money from RocketHub for my travel expenses, I’ll keep a journal along the way to share with my Fuelers and then give individual prints and finished copies of the book for certain donation thresholds.
  2. Charitable Checkout – I was part of Big Brothers Big Sisters for a few years, but even though I’m no longer donating my time, I’d still like to help them in some way. Charitable Checkout is an easy way to post a widget on my page to encourage my friends to donate to the charity of my choice.
  3. Songpier – I need to be mobile-optimized!
  4. Dropcards – Next Christmas, I’m designing my own Dropcards, loading them up with photos and videos, and sending them out as my holiday card.
  5. webdoc – Speaking of Christmas, for my next Christmas party, I’ll post the invite on webdoc so that my friends can comment on how much they’re looking forward to it through their witty video, photo and audio responses (yes, I have high expectations of my friends). I can even add in a Google map to my place and grab a photo from Facebook that my friend posted from an old party. Want to come?

If you’re way too tired or focused on SXSW to make any parallels from this list to your business, here you go:

  • RocketHub – Raise money to record your album
  • Charitable Checkout – Get your fans to donate to charities you support
  • Songpier – Give your fans a way to get info on their smartphones
  • Dropcards – Include bonus tracks and videos with CDs and vinyl
  • webdoc – Ask your fans to post their photos/videos from your tour

Now, back to my Facebook Timeline….

The Marketplace Presents: Dympol’s Charitable Checkout

February 7, 2012 Client Tool No Comments

Meet Charitable Checkout, the 100% free app that lets you raise money for the causes you believe in while promoting your music and developing closer relationships with your fans.

The concept is simple: when fans give to celebrity-endorsed causes, they get brand-sponsored discounts and a public thanks from said celebrity on their social networks.

As an artist, you’ll create an enticing widget through the Charitable Checkout app that you can publish to your Facebook profile or embed on your website or blog. You can choose from over one million charities, from Rock The Vote to Planned Parenthood. Here’s how to do it:

Install the app on the artist of your choice from The Marketplace app page, and accept the developer permissions. You will then be led to the Dympol website, where a window will pop up asking you to connect your Facebook Fan Page. Log in to Facebook if you haven’t already done so, and Allow the app to access your information. This step is necessary to create a Dympol tab on your Facebook page for your campaign. Then, choose which Fan Page you would like to create a widget for. Note that your Fan Page will have to be published in order for Charitable Checkout to be added.

Now you’re ready to start creating your widget, which you can do in four simple steps:

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5 Things To Do With Your Film’s iTunes Sales Heatmap

January 12, 2012 Client Tool, Video News 2 Comments

Among the many services your Orchard client dashboard offers, detailed Analytics of your sales is one you don’t want to overlook. It provides you with a transparent look into your revenue accounting across all platforms and territories and even provides daily iTunes analytics, including a visual map of your iTunes sales by zipcode – similar to a weather “heatmap.”

Here are 5 things film providers can do with that map.

  1. Test the effect of grassroots marketing. Hand out fliers at a local event related to the topic of your film advertising its availability on iTunes, and log in daily for the next week to check results.
  2. Test the effect of theatrical screenings. Embed an advertisement for your film’s availability on iTunes at the beginning of your film when it screens to an audience, and log in the following week to see the impact.
  3. Book a tour. Notice a cluster of purchases in some cities you didn’t expect? Program theatrical screenings to target your newfound audience.
  4. Connect with your fans. Notice some new downloads in an area? Shout out a thanks “to your new fans in Owensboro, Kentucky” on Twitter. Attending an event in a city where you have a cluster of sales? Post that you’ll be attending the event on your Facebook to lure in your fans to say hi.
  5. Impress your investors. Demonstrate your success in a visual way to your investors and producers.  Show them the global scope of your audience and the success of your marketing efforts.

What’s Cooking in The Orchard Marketplace?

January 9, 2012 Client Tool No Comments

Not too long ago, we sent you a survey asking what you liked best about The Orchard Marketplace, what kind of apps you hoped to find in the near future, and how you interacted with the features and apps offered.

This is what we found.

We were a bit surprised at your responses when it came to rating or commenting on apps. We’ve suggested a couple of possible solutions below…
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Lest We Forget 2011

While we all settle back down after our New Year’s Eve celebrations and look forward to 2012, let us not forget to look back fondly on the year we put to rest at midnight on Saturday.

For the Orchard, it was another record year. We launched and improved more client tools, including the launch of Artist Builder, The Orchard Marketplace and improvements to our Analytics tool.  Along with so many excellent Orchard campaigns and releases in 2011, Orchard artists blew up the Billboard Heatseakers charts, including Kina Grannis, Phantogram, Rhett Miller, Ray Davies and The Raveonettes. As if that’s not enough, we launched The Orchard Sports, which took our digital distribution services to a whole other level.

To put a cap on the year, The Orchard’s New York office hosted 19 of our international staff from around the world for a few days of meetings and work sessions capped by The Orchard Holiday Party. Having our global staff physically in the office with us is an ideal way to round out our year full of Skype and conference calls, emails and other means of slightly less formal communication. This face time with our international staff reminds us of the scale of our operations and how The Orchard is killing it in all corners of the globe.

We’ve already wished you a Happy Holiday with The Orchard’s Best of 2011 Playlist but here it is below in case you missed it – it’s also on Spotify and Rdio!

So welcome back to work everyone, well done 2011 and happy 2012.

Best of The Orchard 2011 by orchardmktg

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