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The Marketplace Presents: iPluggers

iPluggers The Orchard Marketplace

Plugging — it’s a word we often hear in relation to promoting something, recommending it, giving it your stamp of approval. iPluggers does just that for your music, and it does it all around the world. With a 100% airplay guarantee (or your money back), iPluggers provides the platform for you to pitch your music… Read more »

The Marketplace Presents: Conduit Mobile

Conduit Mobile

Meet our latest partner: Conduit Mobile. The mobile app creator is getting all kinds of press these days, and it’s not without good reason. Their sexy app offers every function you could dream of with the ease of use you’ve always wanted. What’s more, they’re compatible with all major mobile devices, including iOS (iPhone and… Read more »

Songpier Embraces All Your Screens

It’s been in The Orchard Marketplace since launch; it’s consistently one of our most popular apps; it was one of the first HTML5 mobile apps out there… I’m talking about Songpier, the mobile app builder that’s now a whole lot more. You might have noticed that Songpier — or Songpier Studio as it’s now called… Read more »

The Marketplace Presents: Muso


As we talked about recently, piracy is still very much an issue in our world today. There are ways to combat it, like streaming services, anti-piracy measures from the government and the DMCA, but that doesn’t solve the immediate problem of having an illegal link up that people are downloading without permission. Muso is here… Read more »

The Marketplace Presents: Radar Music Videos


Get your networking faces on because we’ve just partnered with a new Marketplace app that promises to match you with your perfect music video director. Did someone say video? Yes, you heard right. And we’re excited too. Radar Music Videos, an online network that aims to bring artists and labels together with music video directors worldwide,… Read more »