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What Our Clients Say About Analytics…

August 17, 2012 Client Tool, Marketing No Comments

The Orchard AnalyticsIn the discographic domain, figures have always been important. Bands, labels, distributors and agencies often rely on numbers.

In that regard, technology and the digital world can really help us make the right decisions. The Orchard implemented a statistical analysis tool that turned out to be extraordinarily useful in a variety of situations.

We are talking about the ‘Analytics’ section that has been available for some time now. Whether you want to keep track of sales, you are planning marketing investments, you want to know what platforms are preferred for digital download vs just streaming, you want to know if an artist’s album or its single tracks are being sold and why not, or even what countries buyers come from, then you could easily use this robust Analytics feature.

This is not all. An iTunes specific section is also available, showing exactly where (even telling you the postal code) and when (exact time) buyers click to purchase music. This could be an alternative and nice way for artists to spot what doors to knock on for a direct meet and greet with their fans! Just kidding.

So why is this information so useful? Simply because it allows you to monitor the digital market growth in almost-real-time and then identify strong and weak points. Let us make some practical examples:

Recently, Italian artist Colapesce shot a very good video for his single “Satellite” from his new album titled Un meraviglioso declino. This song was released as a single because the artist teamed up with Meg (former 99 Posse singer) to re-release another version of the same song. We noticed that making the single available for purchase, along with the video clip, not only boosted the sales of the song but of the full album as well.

Another example is “Happy!!!,” Sycamore Age’s video of their single. It has collected thousands of click-throughs on Vevo; so many that from the moment the album was available for purchase, the sales of their self-titled album were immediately and positively impacted. Also, Sycamore Age are being appreciated (and downloaded) very much outside of Italy thanks to their excellent English pronunciation. This information allows us to launch specific marketing campaigns to try to bring the band into those countries in Europe that showed more interest towards their music.

We could go on and on with hundreds of different examples but we understand that this could be boring. What we recommend you do is check out all these new possibilities and features since we think that the ‘Analytics’ tool that Orchard has created is a wonderful way to help us avoid mistakes and focus where to spend our energy (and money) on.

- Guest post written by Gabriele Giustini, Audioglobe (Italy)

The Marketplace Presents:

TrackTrack.itDoes your file exceed your email client’s capacity? Your contact doesn’t know what a Zip file is? You sent a file but you don’t know if it was delivered or listened to?

We’ve all been there…

With, you now have a quick and easy way to send your music files to your contacts securely. Some of its best features include inaudible watermarks, a secure streaming player, delivery to emails AND phones, download notifications and detailed analytics, expiration dates and password protection.

To use it, install the app as usual through The Orchard Marketplace. The first page you see allows you to import your tracks from Release Builder. Select the ones you want and click “Import Songs.” When the import is complete, click on “Start Sending Music.” You can also watch some neat videos on Basic Song Sending, Watermarking and The History Page while you’re waiting.

Now, you should be on the Send Music page. This kind of looks like an email draft (but cooler). Type in your recipients and your message, then click on the songs you want to include in your message from the list on the left of the page, or drag and drop new tracks from your desktop. If you’re using again for the umpteenth time because you’ve become a total fan and some of your latest songs haven’t yet imported into the app, just click on the Manage button below the list and go to “Import From The Orchard.”

Next you get to pick and choose your messaging options:

  • Add an inaudible Watermark to track your song
  • Choose to get a Return Receipt so your recipients can’t fool you
  • Select your method of delivery depending on how much you trust your contacts: Download Link, Streaming Player or Email Attachment
  • Implement various restrictions to further secure your music: Expiry Date, Download Limit and/or Password Protection

Guess what? You’re ready to send your message!

Your History Page is your go-to tool for tracking Sends, Streams and Downloads. You can filter your stats by recipient, song and time frame, and view them on a line graph, pie chart or geographically (kind of like our iTunes Heat Map in Analytics!) — with details going as far as how much of the song your contact listened to. This page is also where you can find a list of all the music you’ve sent, and enable or disable some of the preferences you set in the original email.

If you suspect someone has misplaced your hard-earned trust and uploaded your music to an unauthorized site, head over to the Analyze page and test the suspected file for traces of your watermark. What you do with the information you find is up to you…….. [Tip: you could use one of the Marketplace’s anti-piracy apps like Link-Busters to remove the illegal file.]

The Settings page also has some handy options, like adding a custom header to your message to make it look even cooler. Simply go to the “Email Display” tab and upload your artwork. This is also where you can manage your contacts.

We know you can already tell will be super helpful in your marketing campaigns. As an extra something something to welcome you to the app, is giving away 20 free sends per artist! Depending on your catalogue, that’s a lot of free sends…

Check out the demo below to find out more: is available via The Marketplace. Find out more about them on their One-Sheet.

The Orchard Analytics Joins Forces with Amazon, Spotify and YouTube

Amazon, Spotify, YouTube, The OrchardBrace yourselves, Orchard clients — we have yet another awesome update to The Orchard Analytics. We are now giving you daily data feeds of AmazonMP3 U.S. sales, and streams from Spotify and Rdio. For video, we’ve fixed the YouTube feed, which now updates weekly, and added video download and rental data from Xbox.

This means that all Orchard clients have access to an unprecedented smorgasbord of digital media intelligence. While the new data feeds are automatically added to your overview graphs, here’s how to see just the new stuff: in the top panel of the Overview page, to the left of the Apply button, there are two dropdown menus. You’ll find the new data feeds under the first one, All Sources. If you only want to see your Amazon numbers, select Amazon from the list, hit apply, and then use Analytics as normal — your results will only show data from Amazon. If you want to compare how you are performing in different stores (say, Rdio and Spotify) you can do that by going to a detail page. Below the graph, select the fourth Breakdown option, “Stores.” Once it’s loaded, you can check on and off the stores you want to see.

We’re thrilled about all this new data, because more data means all out clients can make smarter decisions. AmazonMP3 is our second biggest store besides iTunes, and one of the fastest growing digital marketplaces in the world — we’re only tracking Amazon U.S. for now, but the rest of the world will come soon! Streaming services like Spotify and Rdio are increasingly becoming the go-to option for “checking out this new band.” As social media becomes even more central to marketing and promotion, your plays on streaming music services become a very low-latency barometer of your label’s buzz and impact. With daily feeds, you can now see how many plays your artists and releases are getting, and quickly adjust your marketing efforts for maximum impact.

So go check out all your new data in Analytics! Because we don’t want you to wonder; we want you to know.

Introducing: Custom Events in Analytics!

Tho Orchard, Marketable Events, AnalyticsThose of you who use the Orchard’s Analytics product may have noticed the recent appearance of a lovely orange “Add Event” Button. We’re pretty excited about this — it allows you to annotate the graph with events that may have impacted your sales.

By now, you’ve all played with Analytics enough to have noticed some spikes in your sales or streams. And you’ve probably asked yourself why. We certainly have. Events are here to help you understand that. Was your new single featured in a movie trailer? Did your new release get a good review on Pitchfork? By marking these events on your graph, and seeing what happens, we can start developing an understanding of what creates these spikes.

The goal here is to provide an open-ended tool for examining the impact of your marketing efforts. For this first release we kept it simple. Click the Add Event button. Select a date, enter a title for the event, pick an artist and relevant category. Hit save. That’s it. Events are indicated by a grey vertical line; hover on it to see the event, and click on it to ‘pin’ the event in place. Click again to un-pin it. Pinning an event means the event will stay put while you navigate, and also allows you to delete events. Events intelligently filter themselves based on what data you are looking at. The default, label-wide view shows all events; change your view to certain artists or releases, and you’ll only see events relevant to those artists.

There are about 9 million cool features we want to add to Events. For instance, event categorizations doesn’t do anything right now, but in the future this will allow you to hide and show events by their category, as well as tell you what kinds of events get used most often. Another feature already in the works is to automatically show you premium ad placements in online music stores. Combined with the existing ability to filter by country and store, this will provide powerful insights into the effectiveness of those placements.

We have a lot planned for Events. More important, though, is how YOU would use this. What would it do if it were magic? Head over to your analytics, give it a whirl, and let us know how it could be improved.

Use FanRx To Spruce Up Your Facebook Page

May 14, 2012 Client Tool No Comments

FanRx, the Facebook app that helps you create super cool band pages, recently underwent a major makeover. Not only did it change its name from BandRx to FanRx — to better reflect its vast offering, which isn’t limited to music — it also revamped its features.

Now, FanRx allows you to take full advantage of Facebook’s latest updates, particularly the extra space allotted to apps, and has added highly anticipated features like customization and embeddable Spotify playlists — one of the few apps along with FanBridge to have incorporated the Spotify Play Button.

In more detail, new features include:

  • Widescreen Tabs: With the intro to Timeline, tab apps can now fill up 810 pixels in width. Never one to let an opportunity like this slip by, FanRx has widened the app to fill out the extra space.
  • Two-Column Layouts: Still taking advantage of new screen real estate, widgets are easily arrangeable into one or two columns.
  • Custom Themes (Premium): Stand out with 12 visual color themes – for premium users only.
  • Duplicate Modules (Premium): The more the merrier! Premium users can now have several modules of the same type: Banner Images, Audio Players, Contests…
  • Spotify Play Button: Now incorporated into FanRx’s Audio Player, you can access your Spotify playlists super easily.

Needless to say, we’re fans of FanRx here. We’ve used it for some of our artists already, like Devin, where we took advantage of the full size banner to promote his latest release Romancing with a music video and a Like-to-stream lock to access the album. We also used the BandsInTown importer to list upcoming concert dates in the Events module. As a result, Likes increased by 14% through the FanRx page alone, and paired with strategically placed Facebook ads and Sponsored Stories, they skyrocketed by 82.2%.

For Riverboat Gamblers‘s FanRx page, we took advantage of the Spotify Player and the two-column look. Add a sleek wide banner to that and a module with Twitter updates and you have a simple yet effective band page that does exactly what it should: it imprints the name of the band in your mind; it allows you to stream the music easily [and get it monetized]; and it establishes a social connection with the band through photos and social updates.

FanRx, along with all its new features, is available at your fingertips in The Orchard Marketplace.

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