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No Email Uncollected… And More Updates from DIY Music


Sure, new apps are great — but updated apps are even better! Why? Because they aim to improve a product based on what people want and need. That’s exactly what DIY Music, the do-it-yourself e-commerce platform, has done with their series of updates to their app. As an Orchard client, you can benefit from all of them via… Read more »

The Sky’s The Limit! Analytics Opens Up to Social Media


We know we just shared some exciting updates to our Analytics product a few weeks ago, but we have yet another one we’re dying to announce: in addition to tracking our clients’ sales and streams of audio and video, Analytics can now track social media data from Facebook! Instead of relying on hunches and guesswork,… Read more »

What Our Clients Say About Analytics…

The Orchard Analytics

In the discographic domain, figures have always been important. Bands, labels, distributors and agencies often rely on numbers. In that regard, technology and the digital world can really help us make the right decisions. The Orchard implemented a statistical analysis tool that turned out to be extraordinarily useful in a variety of situations. We are… Read more »

The Marketplace Presents:


Does your file exceed your email client’s capacity? Your contact doesn’t know what a Zip file is? You sent a file but you don’t know if it was delivered or listened to? We’ve all been there… With, you now have a quick and easy way to send your music files to your contacts securely…. Read more »