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Freeloader Friday: Young Fathers, Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas, The Budos Band & More

October 31, 2014 Freeloader Friday No Comments

858454003302It’s one of those most wonderful days of the year again! Time to get dressed up, decked out and get your freak on with all the goblins, spooks and vamps running around town. It’s Halloweeeeen! But when you’re not #trickortreating this weekend, you’re going to need a tune fix. So let’s get started with this Halloween’s Freeloader Friday!

Straight off their hot and massive Mercury Prize win, Young Fathers roll out a full album stream of the praiseworthy album. You are definitely going to want to hear every single Rap-Experimental groove. Also, be sure to check out the grand debut from Dems. These dudes (who, alongside Young Fathers, hail from the UK) also have a nice groove goin’ on, but in an Electronic, Indie white-boy kind of way. Both are solid, and should not be missed.

Moving onwards & upwards, you’ve got four track premieres to catch. The Skull (how appropriate!) have rolled out a deep, dark, old-school Rock track; the ever-lovely Kina Grannis covers Sia’s “Chandelier,” as voted on by YOU; tētēma debuts a chant-driven Jazzy Synth tune; and Senser releases a beloved Heavy Rock-Rap classic, matched to Dance Electronic beats by way of DJ Awe.

And then, of course, there are the videos. Go to a top-notch mariachi Rock party with Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas (BYOB of tequila!), get totally freeeeaked out with old-time Hollywood blood, guts & gore from The Budos Band (you’re going to want to play this at your Halloween house party on the big screen), run through rivers and woods in extraordinary fashion with PROM, and learn lessons about “twu luv” from Allo Darlin’s hilarious take on relationships.

That should keep you covered for the weekend. Now get out there and show off our costume! #HappyHalloween2014.

Young Fathers: Full album stream via Drowned In Sound
Dead out now on anticon

Dems: Full album stream via Noisey
Muscle Memory out November 3 on Sew in Love

The Skull: “Sick of It All” track premiere via High Times
For Those Which Are Asleep out November 4 on TeePee Records

Kina Grannis: “Chandelier (Sia Cover)” track premiere via YouTube
Elements out now on One Haven

tētēma: “Tenz” track premiere via The Quietus
Geocidal out December 8 on Ipecac Recordings

Senser: “Age of Panic (DJ Awe Remix)” track premiere via NoiseTrade
Stacked Up XX out November 17 on Strike Back

Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas: “Sorry I Stole Your Man” official music video premiere via Idolator
Secret Evil out now on Instant Records

The Budos Band: “Aphasia” official music video premiere via Bloody Disgusting
Burnt Offering out now on Daptone Records

PROM: “Flickers” official music video premiere via Impose
Keeping Company out now on Crazy Heart Records

Allo Darlin’: “Bright Eyes” official music video premiere via Stereogum
We Come from the Same Place out October 7 on Slumberland Records

Freeloader Friday: Obituary, High Hazels, Army of the Pharaohs & More

October 24, 2014 Freeloader Friday No Comments

781676729623CMJ week is wrapping up here in New York – was it everything you’d hoped for & more? It has been for us! We had some very rad live performances in the office (PROM, Radclyffe Hall, and The Bright Light Social Hour) plus an in-house happy hour – CMJ has done our office well. To keep in line with the marathon week of music, let’s check out who made it onto this week’s Freeloader Friday.

So, since it is a music marathon, why not pack in as many full album streams as possible?! We’ve got FOUR. There’s Obituary’s Heavy Metal Screamage for the initial shake-up, High Hazels’ English Indie-Pop that’ll have you reminiscing of summer, Forever Came Calling’s catchy riffs of Pop-Punk, and Army of the Pharaohs round it out for some good, clean (yeah, right) raunchy Hip-Hop. Whew! That’s a lotta album stream time.

Since I gave you so many albums to try, let’s keep tracks to a minimum. Sample John Southworth’s latest – a soothing, mysterious melody of Folk Rock that falls in line with a Dylan-esque genre. Then go for a total 180 with The Skull’s doom & gloom of Heavy Rock.

Moving right along, whet your Halloween whistle with Sweet Apple’s Salem Witch-themed video, explore what Los Angeles Police Department did last summer, and watch Elliott BROOD woo and wow their audience from the stage.

Have a fantastic weekend and be sure to hit up every show you can if you’re enjoying CMJ in New York!

Obituary: Full album stream via Loudwire
Inked in Blood out October 27 on Relapse Records

High Hazels: Full album stream via Clash
High Hazels out October 27 on Heist or Hit Records

Forever Came Calling: Full album stream via Absolute Punk
What Matters Most out now on Pure Noise Records

Army of the Pharaohs: Full album stream via
Heavy Lies The Crown out now on Enemy Soil

John Southworth: “Ode to the Morning Sky” track premiere via Pitchfork
Niagara out now on Tin Angel Records

The Skull: “The Touch of Reality” track premiere via The Obelisk
For Those Which Are Asleep out November 4 on Tee Pee Records

Sweet Apple: “Reunion” official music video premiere via A.V. Club
The Golden Age of Glitter out now on Tee Pee Records

Los Angeles Police Department: “Enough Is Enough” official music video premiere via Stereogum
Los Angeles Police Department out now on Forged Artifacts

Elliott BROOD: “Nothing Left” (Live) video premiere via Hear Ya
Work and Love out now via Paperbag Records

Freeloader Friday: PROM, Diamond District, Obituary & More

October 17, 2014 Freeloader Friday No Comments

888831712633Lots going on at the NY office today (did you see our our Naïve Records announcement?!), but not enough to forget about Freeloader Friday. Although, I’m gonna keep this one short and sweet. Here we go!

Three fantabulous album streams are lined up for your ears to hear this weekend. Newcomers PROM burst onto the scene with what Nylon calls “Dream-Pop infused with piano and whiskey.” (That description alone should have you weak at the knees) Also, listen to Elliott BROOD’s rootsy Folk Rock that has a “days of abandon” sound running through it, and then soulful Rap over Beat-heavy beats from Diamond District, AKA Oddisee, yU and XO (ultimate trifecta).

Next up, turn the volume down for this one – it’s Obituary’s title track off their upcoming album, and, as you might imagine, it gets to Thrasher level. Anna Phoebe follows up with a dramatic, Middle Eastern Instrumental – heavy on Violin — and High Hazels round out the track premieres with that swooning Psychedelic sound that only the English can do.

Finally, get your dose of visual stimulants by way of music video. Go on tour with Catey Shaw & crew, jumping from concert hall to highway diner, and every other stop along the way. Then, continue on the open road with Forever Came Calling, hitting up epic Cali spots while cruising in a baby blue Cadillac.

These should keep you covered till next week – Happy Friday!

PROM: Full album stream via Nylon
Keeping Company out now on Crazy Heart Records

Elliott BROOD: Full album stream via Relix
Work and Love out October 21 on Paper Bag Records

Diamond District: Full album stream via 2 Dope Boyz
March on Washington out now on Mello Music Group

Obituary: “Inked in Blood” track premiere via Guitar World
Inked in Blood out October 27 on Relapse Records

Anna Phoebe: “Inception” track premiere via NoiseTrade
Between the Shadow and the Soul out October 20 on Anna Phoebe Music

High Hazels: “The Promenade” track premiere via NoiseTrade
High Hazels out October 27 on Heist or Hit Records

Catey Shaw: “Outerspace” official music video premiere via The Music Ninja
The Brooklyn EP out now on Complex/Lefthook

Forever Came Calling: “Defenseless” official music video premiere via Glamour Kills
What Matters Most out October 21 on Pure Noise Records

Freeloader Friday: Exodus, PROM, The Budos Band & More

October 10, 2014 Freeloader Friday No Comments

888831773955Happy three-day weekend, folks! Well, for some. Our offices are closed this Monday, so things are a little quiet around here today. That’s not gonna stop our weekly music sampler, though! And we’ve got the perfect one to last you all the way ‘till next Tuesday.

Kicking the weekend off right, Exodus premiered their upcoming full length today, and it does not disappoint. Get ready to be slammed up against the wall with this one: right out of the ringer, the dudes go buck-wild Metal style. Following suit, Inter Arma’s out with a full album stream full of anthemic hard Rock, backing the ferocious Metal vocals.

As for tracks, we’ve got plenty of those this week! Get started with PROM’s latest, a song that’ll have you reminiscing of the olden, golden days of youth and… maybe even your first prom night. Switch from the Electro-Pop to something more Acoustic. Actually, totally Acoustic. It’s State Champs with a sweet little guitar-only ditty for all you Alt-Rock lovers. There’s also a free downloadable track from your fave club DJ Dave Luxe and a whirlwind of Garage Rock that’ll eat you up and spit you right back out faster than you can say Bad Cop, the actual talent behind the jam.

Now, to really get you out of the office and well on your way, there are FOUR fantabulous music videos for your viewing pleasure. The Budos Band give you a B&W teaser of the new album; some breakout WWE wrestlers make their way into an Army of the Pharaohs video; the dapper lookin’ gents of Elliott Brood sit down for a sweet-sounding acoustic session; and Afrikan Boy takes to the streets for an ode to YAM.

There it is, Freeloaders! All the music you need to get you through the weekend. Happy Columbus Day!

Exodus: Full album stream via Yahoo
Blood In Blood Out out October 14 on Nuclear Blast

Inter Arma: Full album stream via Pitchfork Advance
The Cavern out October 14 on Relapse Records

PROM: “Switch On” track premiere via Earmilk
Keeping Company EP out October 14 on Crazy Heart Records

State Champs: “If I’m Lucky” track premiere via YouTube
The Acoustic Things out now on Pure Noise

Dave Luxe – Give U Everything Free track download via Trapdoor Records
Volume Two Label Compilation out October 13 on Trapdoor Records

Bad Cop: “Wish You Well” track premiere via Noisey
Wish You Well…And Goodbye out October 28 on Jeffery Drag Records

The Budos Band: “Burnt Offering” official music video via Dangerous Minds
Burnt Offering out October 21 on Daptone Records

Army of the Pharaohs: “Terrorstorm” official music video via YouTube
Heavy Lies the Crown out October 21 on Enemy Soil

Elliott BROOD: “Little Ones” Paper Bag Sessions Video premiere via No Depression
Work and Love out October 21 on Paper Bag Records

Afrikan Boy: “Y.A.M.” official music video via Vevo
The ABCD out now on YAM Records

Freeloader Friday: A Winged Victory for the Sullen, Communions, Haley Bonar & More

October 3, 2014 Freeloader Friday No Comments

888831406013It’s October, folks, and it is lookin’ very fine outside. Time to pull those cozy sweaters over your heads and get a warm cup of joe in your hand. I’m sure you’ve got plenty going on this weekend (relaxing for a full 48 hours totally counts), but at some point you’re going to need to sit down and have a listen to this first Freeloader Friday of October! Because it’s a beaut.

It’s a very special week for album streams: in total, there are four, yes FOUR (count it out) full albums in all their glory that are yours for the listening. First up, A Winged Victory for the Sullen eases you into a weekend trance with their hour-plus Ambient Instrumental. Dinosaur Feathers is next in line: they ball-out full force in some very unlikely ways, going from heavy Industrial drummage to an all-out dance-a-thon that Janet Jackson would totally approve. Allo Darlin’s ode to all things Indie-Pop and European Folk-cuteness comes next, and The Black Opera finishes out with a surge of pulsating beats in tribal Hip-Hop form.

Tracks, you say? Gotcha covered. Communions, the new kids on the block out of Copenhagen, have an Indie-Punk groove to dance around to, while Elliott Brood gets rootsy and cowboy-bootsy with a new piece of Folk Rock. In need of something a bit more… Metal? Try the debut single from The Skull, featuring members from Trouble and Pentagram. Yep, triple-threat bad-ass material. Speaking of, Machine Head’s got a new one that’ll rip your face off, so there’s another addition for your Metal splurge! Finally, Inspiral Carpets take everything down a notch with their close-out track of old school Psychedelic for the modern age.

For visual stimulants, check out the ever-stunning Haley Bonar and her thought-provoking narrative that shuffles between rowboat and forest scenes, and Gringo Star’s true-to-life retro house party.

Whew! That’s quite the Freeloader Friday list there. So take ‘em all in, and have a marvelous weekend while you’re at it!

A Winged Victory for the Sullen: Full album stream via NPR First Listen
Atomos out October 6 on kranky

Dinosaur Feathers: Full album stream via Pop Matters
Control out October 7 on Ernest Jenning Record Co.

Allo Darlin’: Full album stream via Pitchfork Advance
We Come from the Same Place out October 7 on Slumberland Records

The Black Opera: Full album stream via Okay Player
The Great Year out now on Mello Music Group

Communions: “So Long Sun” track premiere via Noisey
So Long Sun / Love Stands Still – Single out November 10 on Tough Love Records

Elliott Brood: “Nothing Left” track premiere via CMJ
Work and Love out October 21 via Paper Bag Records

The Skull: “Till The Sun Turns Black” track premiere via Noisey
For Those Which Are Asleep out November 4th on Tee Pee Records

Machine Head: “Now We Die” lyric video via YouTube
Bloodstone & Diamonds out November 10 on Nuclear Blast

Inspiral Carpets: “Changes” exclusive free download via Email Unlock
Inspiral Carpets out October 20 on Cherry Red Records

Haley Bonar: “From a Cage” official music video premiere via Stereogum
Last War out now on Graveface Records

Gringo Star: “World of Spin” official music video premiere via CMJ
Long Time Gone – Single out October 17 on dizzybird records

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