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Freeloader Friday: Ruby the Hatchet, Saun & Starr and More

February 27, 2015 Freeloader Friday No Comments

889176227035This whole debacle over #thedress is about to make me lose my mind. Is it white& gold, black&blue? Who freaking knows at this point. One thing’s for sure, though: Katy Perry said exactly what I’m thinking. So I’m going to stop trying to convince people that it really is white and gold, and get busy with some truly good conversation: our Freeloader Friday list.

Ruby the Hatchet starts things off this weekend with a full album stream of perfectly fuzzed-out, heavy Rock brilliance. The female-driven band has a sultry old-school Psychedelic twinge that will leave you mystified and running back for more. Also in its entirety, Pile‘s album falls into the initial Rock genre but leans on the grungier, Noise Punk side. Take your pick.

In track premieres, there’s The Bright Light Social Hour‘s latest Groove Jam (yes, there’s most definitely a graphics theme going on here if you’ve been following along), another one based in Alt. Rock territory that easily melds into a Dance track. There’s also a wonderfully infectious Doo-Wop track from The Mighty Sceptres duo — it’s got a smoky Mad Men era feel to it coupled with Surf Rock guitar, so yet another one to boogie with. Next on deck is one of the biggest names in Rock history: Toto — who’ve premiered a brand new classic. Follow that up with Saun & Starr‘s Soul n’ Funk infused jangle, then try out a more mellow vibe with the The Acorn‘s Electro-Rock single.

And finally, time to wrap things up with some visual enticement. First up on the music video roster is Malik B & Mr. Green‘s Frankenstein-esque ghoulish gore. Next, watch Novella‘s adorably girly minimalistic experience and put the cherry on top with Night Drive, who do just that and take a late night moto loop (which just so happens to be very aesthetically pleasing).

That does it for this week — have a great weekend!

Ruby the Hatchet: Full album premiere via All Music
Valley of the Snake out now on Tee Pee Records

Pile: Full album stream via The Fader
You’re Better Than This out March 2 on Fierce Panda

The Bright Light Social Hour: “Dreamlove” track premiere via The Wild Honey Pie
Space Is Still the Place out March 10 on Frenchkiss Records

The Mighty Sceptres: “Sting Like a Bee” track premiere via Wax Poetics
All Hail the Mighty Sceptres! out now on Ubiquity Records

Toto: “Holy War” track premiere via YouTube
‘Toto XIV’ out 24th March on Frontiers

Saun & Starr: “Look Closer” track premiere via Nylon
Look Closer out May 19 on Daptone Records

The Acorn: “Influence” track premiere via Noisey
Vieux Loup out May 19 on Paper Bag Records

Malik B & Mr. Green: “Rips In The Paper” music video premiere via Okay Player
Unpredictable out now on Enemy Soil

Novella: “Land Gone” music video premiere via Noisey
Land out May 12 on Sinderlyn

Night Drive: “Easy to Lie” music video premiere via Spin
Easy to Lie out now on Sound Control Records

Freeloader Friday: Gal Pals, Ruby The Hatchet & More

February 20, 2015 Freeloader Friday No Comments

889176233067It’s Oscars weekend! Well, aaalmost. Do you have a red carpet event to attend? Are you stocked up on your champagne, have your most glam dress/tux ready to wear? Yeah, didn’t think so. It’s more fun watching in your PJs anyway, let’s be honest. So is listening to the week’s best in new music, so let’s give it a go, shall we?

The adorably punkish girl duo, (appropriately called) Gal Pals, open us up with their full album — it’s so lackadaisically charged, you’ll get confused which season we’re in (which is probably a good thing). They’re cutesy hardcore, 100% danceable Garage Rock. Next, there’s KNTRLR, who’s an interesting contradictory of sound: one that begins with a menacing growl but turns into pure, fun Pop Synth. Yeah, get intrigued.

Malik B & Mr. Green come back this week with yet another single for us from their upcoming album. This time, they’ve added Skrewtape to the mix to create something very different: a gnarly lead guitar takes to the background while the dudes while old-school Boom-Bap Hip-Hop takes center stage. Also adding a track to mix, Ruby the Hatchet throws down with another old-school sound. This time, though, harnessing the Psychedelic Metal feel through mesmerizing female vocals.

We go all out this week with 4 music video premieres. This first one has been in the works for a while now, but it’s finally made its way into the world! The Bright Light Social Hour‘s first video from the upcoming album is out, and it’s a beautiful trip into a post-apocalyptic landscape. There’s also: Revolution Saints inside the studio, a Nightwish story as told through fairy tales, and Sin Circus just… jammin’.

Have a listen and a watch, and enjoy the Oscars!

Gal Pals: Full album stream via Stereogum
Velvet Rut out February 24 on PaperCup Music

KNTRLR: Full album stream via Spin
The Great Filter out February 24 on Goodnight Records

Malik B & Mr. Green: “Crown of Thorns” track premiere via Okay Player
Unpredictable out February 24 on Enemy Soil

Ruby the Hatchet: “Heavy Blanket” track premiere via Metalsucks
Valley of the Snake out February 24 on Tee Pee Records

The Bright Light Social Hour: “Infinite Cities” music video premiere via Life+Times
Space Is Still the Place out March 10 on Frenchkiss Records

Revolution Saints: “Here Forever” music video premiere via YouTube
Revolution Saints out February 24 on Frontiers

Nightwish: “Élan” music video premiere via YouTube
Endless Forms Most Beautiful out March 31 on Nuclear Blast Entertainment

Sin Circus: “Chemical Youth” music video premiere via Radial
Chemical Youth out now

Freeloader Friday: The Bright Light Social Hour, Say Lou Lou & More

February 13, 2015 Freeloader Friday No Comments

889176191589There’s no Snowpocalypse scheduled for the weekend, but there is most certainly a wintry wind that’s coming on strong. So, to make this short and sweet, here’s a very, very brief recap of a few track premieres that happened this week.

The Bright Light Social Hour teamed up with Francis Preve to turn their already perfected Psych Rock into a (bear with me) dance floor hit. Yep, you read right. The remixed track keeps its groovy, Rock vibe, but adds an infectious Dance beat to it. You’ve gotta wonder how they thought this one up. Twin-sister duo Say Lou Lou have a danceable, dream Pop track that naturally flows right into queue. It’s fresh, catchy and dreamily disco-tastic, covering up the lyrics of unrequited love (the perfect track for some this Valentine’s Day weekend).

Next up (in very rare form), not one, but two premieres from Torche. That’s right — they’ve got this ‘track-a-day’ thing going on leading up to release, and just this week they pushed out two newbies. First, ‘Undone’ – a nasty, gnarly quickie. It takes off in riotous form, and barrels down the line with banging repetition. Second: ‘Blasted,’ a bit more of a fun-loving Rock track (at least, as fun-loving as Torche can be).

Winding things down, be sure to hear Royal Thunder‘s slow, faded Stoner Rock, taking 90s Grunge to another level with Miny Parsonz’s vocals. And finally, hear Terri Walker‘s initial Acoustic Soul ease into R&B groove. Cue the R&R with this one.

Told ya we had a short one with this week! So with that, enjoy the weekend (hopefully you’ve got a 3-dayer like us!).

The Bright Light Social Hour: “Infinite Cities Remix (ft. Francis Preve)” track premiere via Earmilk
Space Is Still the Place out March 10 on Frenchkiss Records

Say Lou Lou: “Nothing But a Heartbeat” track premiere via The Fader
Nothing But a Heartbeat out now on Cosmos

Torche: “Undone” track premiere via Alt Press
Restarter out February 24 on Relapse Records

Torche: “Blasted” track premiere via Paste
Restarter out February 24 on Relapse Records

Royal Thunder: “Forget You” track premiere via YouTube
Crooked Doors out April 7 on Relapse Records

Terri Walker: “They Say So Much” track premiere via NoiseTrade
Entitled out March 9 on Terri Walker

Freeloader Friday: Cody Simpson, The Black Ryder & More

February 6, 2015 Freeloader Friday No Comments

889176168536How ’bout them Patriots! (Or not…) We’re really getting into the thick of winter. Which (as brutal as it is for some) means we’re even closer to SXSW! 5 weeks and counting… who’re we gonna see there? But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves; we’ve got a Freeloader Friday list to get to first!

Vision Fortune get the party started with their oh-so-lovely crushing House album, appropriately titled, “Country Music.” Gotta love a sense of humor. The sound is lackadaisically warped synth mixed with Drum-n-Bass. These guys know how to get started on a Friday night.

Next up, a plethora of track nuggets! Cody Simpson‘s (think Jack Johnson in Aussie, blonde form, who pals around with Miley Cyrus from time to time) newbie is beachy, breezy Singer-Songwriter goodness. Good ol’ boys The Bright Light Social Hour wind back the clock with their new track, transporting you to the golden age of Psychedelic Rock. The Black Ryder take you down a Shoegaze, melodramatic rabbit hole, while Karl Kling sets the stage for an all-out Disco-Pop dance. Ruby the Hatchet go hard with a fuzzy Rock ‘n Roll sound, Rapper Big Pooh & Apollo Brown team up to create powerful, lyric-heavy Hip-Hop, and Dalton paints a whirlwind dream through melodic guitar strings. Doesn’t get much more varied than that!

Also be sure to check out the latest in music videos, featuring Rock Supergroup Revolution Saints rockin’ out like it’s ’79 and Whitehorse harmonizing their Folk Rock around a campfire.

You’re all set for the weekend, folks. Here’s to having a fab Friday!

Vision Fortune: Full album stream via The Fader
Country Music out February 9 on ATP

Cody Simpson: “Flower” track premiere via Rolling Stone
Flower out now on Bananabeat Records

The Bright Light Social Hour: “Slipstream” track premiere via Consequence of Sound
Space Is Still the Place out March 10 on Frenchkiss Records

The Black Ryder: “Let Me Be Your Light” track premiere via Entertainment Weekly
The Door Behind the Door out February 24 on The Anti Machine Machine

Karl Kling: “Careful” track premiere via Indie Shuffle
Karl Kling out March 3 on Crazy Heart Records

Ruby the Hatchet: “Demons” track premiere via Metalsucks
Valley of the Snake out February 24 on Tee Pee Records

Rapper Big Pooh & Apollo Brown: “Stop” track premiere via 2 Dope Boyz
Words Paint Pictures out March 24 on Mello Music Group

Dalton: “New Time” track premiere (+ Free Download) via NoiseTrade
Dalton out February 24 on Fierce Panda

Revolution Saints: “Back On My Trail” music video premiere via Billboard
Revolution Saints out February 24 on Frontiers

Whitehorse: “Baby What’s Wrong” music video premiere via Pop Matters
Leave No Bridge Unburned out February 17 on Six Shooter Records

Freeloader Friday: Mount Eerie, Butch Walker & More

January 30, 2015 Freeloader Friday No Comments

889176236709Was your office as crazy as ours was this week with all these snow storms and snow days?! Either way, we’re finally back on track — and just in time for the weekend! So let’s take a look at the best newbies circling the internet this week.

Mount Eerie takes over the album premieres this week. He’s out with his latest, which is fueled by a plethora of instrumental sounds, made to seemingly texturize the world all around. It’s beautifully whimsical at times, but also filled to the brim with bits of buzzing, noisy Rock. Lots of experimentation going on with this one!

Moving right along to track premieres, and there are a TON. Butch Walker‘s latest features melodic piano over guitar-picking, along with a must-read interview; Torche busts out another ferocious, drum-o-licious Rock treat; Bosq (along with Nicole Willis) goes to Brazil to bring you the Disco beat; Revolution Saints powers up a golden-oldie Rock sound; My Midnight Heart takes you on a shimmering, crescendoing journey of whimsical vocals atop bass drums, and Malik B & Mr. Green team up with Benefit for a classic Hip-Hop vibe. Whew! Now try all those on for size.

What’s going on in the wonderful world of video? Noveller‘s got killer acid-laced visuals and DiSA takes you into Game of Thrones territory.

That’s all for this week, folks — have a splendid weekend, and Happy Superbowl Sunday!

Mount Eerie: Full album stream via NPR
Sauna out February 3 on P.W. Elverum & Sun

Butch Walker: “Autumn Leaves” track premiere via Alt Press
Afraid of Ghosts out February 3 on Dangerbird Records

Torche: “Loose Men” track premiere via Rolling Stone
Restarter out February 24 on Relapse Records

Bosq: “Bad for Me (ft. Nicole Willis)” track premiere via Wax Poetics
Bad for Me out February 24 on Ubiquity

Revolution Saints: “Way To The Sun” track premiere via YouTube
Revolution Saints is out 2/24 on Frontiers

My Midnight Heart: “Drown” track premiere via Spin
Drown out February 3 on Eric Sosa

Malik B & Mr. Green: “Metal Is Out (ft. Benefit)” track premiere via Okay Player
Unpredictable out February 24 on Enemy Soil

Noveller: “Rubicon” music video premiere via The Fader
Fantastic Planet out now on Fire Records

DíSA: “Cure” music video premiere via Under the Radar
Cure out now on Tigerspring

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