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Freeloader Friday: OOFJ, Mt. Wolf & More

889176427039It’s been a crazy-busy week here! We had a #MusicTech meetup in-house last night, a #RadialLive session yesterday afternoon… and, well… there’s that Star Wars trailer that dropped. That just about takes care of things. But, alas. The weekend hasn’t hit yet, which means we’ve still gotta take a look at our Freeloader Friday list.

So there’s this adorable couple AKA OOFJ that’ve teamed up to make some… music, among other things. You’ll have to read the actual article to figure out how they met — it’s super adorable (albeit in a twisted, Lars Von Triers) kind of way. They’re out with their second release which, judging by how they met, makes perfect sense. It’s glaringly brutal Dark Wave Electronica, so prepare yourselves. The album may take you down a very thought-provoking, introverted road.

In track premieres, be sure to catch Miniboone‘s riotous 90s Fuzz Pop that’s got a very chilled-out, almost melancholic (but in a good way) vibe. On a completely different musical note, everyone’s all-time favorite Doom-Thrash Metal band Slayer is back for the first time since 2009 with a truly gruesome track. Get excited.

In video news, Mt. Wolf (stay on top of these dudes — they’ve truly got something here) premiered a gloriously beautiful story for their “Hamburg” track. Perhaps a metaphor alongside actual events of a relationship gone astray? You be the judge.

Sit back & enjoy ‘em all!

OOFJ: Full album stream via Noisey
Acute Feast out May 4 on Ring the Alarm

Heath: Full EP stream on GoldFlakePaint
February out now on Killing Moon Records

Gruesome: Full album stream via Decibel
Savage Land out April 21 on Relapse Records

Miniboone: “Any Other City” track premiere via Impose
Bad Sports out April 21 on Ernest Jenning Record Co.

Slayer: “When the Stillness Comes” track premiere via Rolling Stone
When the Stillness Comes out May 18 on Nuclear Blast

Big Freedia: “Ol’ Lady Remix (ft. Lazerdisk)” track premiere via Thump
Just Be Free out now on Queen Diva Music

Set It Off: “Why Worry” music video premiere via YouTube
Duality out now on Rude Records

Mt. Wolf: “Hamburg” music video premiere via YouTube
Red EP out now on X Novo

Breakage: “Future” music video premiere via YouTube
When The Night Comes out May 25 on Digital Soundboy

Freeloader Friday: Dfalt, RJD2 & More

612651017728Has everyone adjusted back to office life after a wonderfully slow Easter/Passover holiday last week, or after those March Madness pools, I should say? Hopefully you had the luck of that 12-year-0ld ESPN-pool winner. Either way, it’s Friday. Which means one thing: Freeloading time.

For all those out there down for some dusty drum Hip-Hop samples atop Electronic pulses, then Dfalt‘s your go-to. Try out his EP in full for some bass-heavy beats and Industrial scratches.

Speaking of Hip-Hop, RJD2‘s back on the scene with his latest, this time calling on rapper STS to bring you a lyrically indisputable masterpiece, backed by Soulful horn blasts. And Lyrics Born‘s similarly Soulful tune with Galactic is the cherry on top of this Groovy, Jazzy, laid-back style.

Now this music video you’re gonna catch from Say Lou Lou is one for the books. The 8-minute-plus video (AKA “short film”) takes you to the deep, dark jungle depths to urbanscapes all the way to an isolated subdesert, all while detailing a dreamlike drama. Gotta see it in full.

Check out these and all the rest below in this week’s Freeloader Friday!

Dfalt: Full EP stream via Complex
Blackbook out April 21 on Plug Research

RJD2: “Hold On, Here It Go (ft. STS)” track premiere via Rolling Stone
STS x RJD2 out May 5 on R J Electrical Connections

Lyrics Born: “Rock-Rock-Away (ft. Galactic)” track premiere via Relix
Real People out May 5 on Mobile Home Recordings

Cody Simpson: “Thotful” track premiere via MTV
Free out June 23 on Bananabeat Records

Fickle Friends: “Could Be Wrong” track premiere via Earmilk
Could Be Wrong out now on Killing Moon Records

Rainer: “Marry” track premiere via Fader
Water out May 18 on Kissability

CZARFACE: “Deadly Class (ft. Meyhem Lauren)” track premiere via Ambrosia for Heads
Every Hero Needs a Villain out June 16 on Brick Records

Say Lou Lou: “Nothing But a Heartbeat” music video premiere via Noisey
Lucid Dreaming out now on Cosmos

Oddisee: “Counter-Clockwise” music video premiere via Billboard
The Good Fight out May 5 on Mello Music Group

Freeloader Friday: Say Lou Lou, Royal Thunder & More

7332334435221The chit-chat continues on for the streaming debate. This week, it was all about Tidal. Lucky for us, though, it’s Friday and we get to simply relish in the music that was born into the world this past week. Here we go!

Say Lou Lou and Royal Thunder are both offering up full album streams before the big drops next week. But Todd Rundgren‘s twist on the album stream is this week’s major highlight. Hopefully you catch this post in the nick of time; otherwise, you’ll miss the pre-release festivities. You see, Todd’s got an entire “global” listening party going down for this album stream. So be sure to tune in at the right time so you can catch this one-time-only first listen!

For track premieres, we’ve got Brooklyn duo Weeknight giving away a sultry synth treat of Glam Pop, followed by a throwback Classic Hip-Hop track from 1995, courtesy of Pete Rock. Also check out Saun & Starr‘s contagiously upbeat Funk & Soul, as well as Holly Miranda‘s acoustic session at Dangerbird studios.

Happy Weekend (and Easter and Passover)!

Say Lou Lou: Full album stream via NPR First Listen
Lucid Dreaming out April 6 on Cosmos

Royal Thunder: Full album stream via NPR First Listen
Crooked Doors out April 7 on Relapse Records

Todd Rundgren: Full album stream via Premiere/Listening Party
Global out April 7 on Esoteric Antenna

Weeknight: “California” track premiere via The Wild
In the Dust out April 21 on Dead Stare Records

Pete Rock: “One, Two, A Few More” track premiere via Fader
One, Two, A Few More – Single out now on Mello Music Group

Mt. Wolf: “VIII (ft. Alexa Harley)” track premiere via Indie Shuffle
Red out April 13 on X Novo Records

Saun & Starr: “Big Wheel” music video premiere via Noisey
Look Closer out May 19 on Daptone Records

Holly Miranda: “Until Now” live acoustic session
Holly Miranda out 5/19 on Dangerbird Records

Planet Of the Abts: “Down For The Count” music video premiere via YouTube
All Things The Valley out June 2

Fidel Wicked: “Miss V” music video premiere via Radial YouTube
The Fusion out now on Первое Музыкальное Издательство

Freeloader Friday: Lost Boy ?, DÍSA & More

889176235429Some of you may have been devastated about Zayn Malik’s departure from One Direction, taking the 5-piece all-star boy-band down a notch. But we’re slowly starting to see positive signs for warmer and actual Spring weather, so I can’t wait to finally stow away my winter gear. (Who’s with me?!) Let’s enjoy it by kicking off this weekend with a Super-size edition of Freeloader Friday!

We’ll start with a full album stream by the upbeat Punk/Alternative band, Lost Boy ?, described by Steroegum as sounding like “summer in New York,” so let’s bring in warm vibes from that! Then we have a couple of EPs to check out. First, there’s DÍSA: an Icelandic artist with her Gloom-Pop, Dark Wave style that’s both majestic and devastating. Following that’s an EP that tackles social issues by the activist rapper, Big Pooh. Lastly, enjoy a live Folk-Pop session by Seth Glier.

Mt. Wolf is back with this hypnotic, Electronic rework of Turtle’s ‘Hamburg.’ Then we’ll free fall with Chicago-based Indie-Rock band Geronimo! with their raging, final track as they look to disband after the release of their upcoming EP. Then dig into this aggressive and powerful track by Minsk, and top off these track premieres with one from Communions that displays an immense amount of Reverb goodness and lust-fueled lyrics.

Now let’s jump into the music videos for the weekend, starting with Yokan System, a Japanese Electronic duo performing live at our London office. Then look at Torche‘s badass music video trailer that will have you wanting to watch and listen to the full version once released, followed by the surreal and cinematic video by Electronica group Dems. Finally, dance it all off with Strange Names‘ gloriously danceable B&W video, a tribute to 90s kids and dance-a-thons everywhere.

Here’s to looking forward to the warmer weather of Spring that’ll hopefully hit us next month!

Lost Boy ?: Full album stream via Stereogum
Canned out now on PaperCup Music

DÍSA: Full EP stream via The Line of Best Fit
Sculpture out now on Tigerspring Records

Big Pooh: Full EP stream via XXL Mag
Words Paint Pictures out now on Mello Music Group

Seth Glier: Live session via Daytrotter
Things I Should Let You Know out now on MPress Records

Mt. Wolf: “Hamburg – Turtle Rework” live as a free download via Noisetrade
Red EP out April 13 on X Novo

Geronimo!: “Fires of Hell” track premiere via NPR
Buzz Yr Girlfriend: Vol. 4 – Why Did You Leave Me? out March 31 on Exploding in Sound Records

Minsk: “When The Walls Fell” track premiere via Stereogum
The Crash And The Draw out April 7 on Relapse Records

Communions: “Out Of My World” track premiere via Fader
Communions EP out June 2 on Tough Love Records

Yokan System: “A Dream You Never Wake Up From” live at The Orchard (London office) via YouTube
A Dream You Never Wake Up From out now on Ample Play Recordings

Torche: “Annihilation Affair” music video premiere via YouTube
Restarter out now on Relapse Records

Dems: “Wake” music video premiere via Pigeons and Planes
Muscle Memory out now on Sew In Love Records

Strange Names: “Ricochet” music video premiere via BlackBook
Use Your Time Wisely out May 19 on Frenchkiss Records

Freeloader Friday: The Budos Band, Royal Thunder and More

BudosBandBurntOfferingIt’s been a little while since I’ve personally shared Freeloader Friday with you fine folks, and I’m glad to report that the selection I have in store for you today is the perfect soundtrack to your weekend.

Leading with The Budos Band‘s soulful horns and Charlie Cunningham‘s soothing acoustic strings, we continue with four-piece Royal Thunder‘s new single followed by some chilled out instrumentals and soundscapes that’ll have you dreaming the weekend will never end.

If you’re at SXSW, save this one for when you come back and need recovering.

The Budos Band: “Magus Mountain” live performance via KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic
Burnt Offering out now on Daptone Records

Charlie Cunningham: Live session via Daytrotter
Breather EP out now on Kissability

Royal Thunder: “Glow” track premiere via Entertainment Weekly
Crooked Doors out April 7 on Relapse Records

Friend Roulette: “Stoned Alone” track premiere via Spin
I See You. Your Eyes Are Red out June 2 on Goodnight Records

Wax Stag: “Night Trek” track premiere via Pitchfork
II out now on Old Habits

Mute Forest: “Infinity Pools” track premiere via Stereogum
Infinity Pools EP out April 7 on Lost Tribe Sound

Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk: “Zebra Boy” track premiere via AdHoc
Kill The Fuzz out soon on Fire Talk Records

The Bright Light Social Hour: “Infinite Cities (Matt Lange Remix)” track premiere via LessThan3
Space Is Still The Place out now on Frenchkiss Records

VOWS: “Losing Myself In You” lyric video premiere via Consequence of Sound
Losing Myself In You (Single) out now on Cleopatra Records

Evans The Death: “Enabler” music video premiere via Mother Jones
Expect Delays out now on Slumberland Records / Fortuna POP!

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