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Don’t Miss A Thing with Spotify Connect

Spotify has done it again and moved the needle to awesome on the Neat Stuff Scale. With the launch of Spotify Connect, premium subscribers can listen to their music anywhere. Spotify Connect provides a wireless music solution which allows users to send and receive audio across Spotify-enabled devices including your iPhone, iPad and select home audio… Read more »

Spotify Is Not a Streaming Service

Spotify is a subscription service. And subscriptions are where the money is. Here are some reasons why we think you should put your music on them. In 2012, the average yearly spend on recorded music per person in the U.S. was only $43.33 according to the U.S. Census Bureau. A Spotify or similar subscription is $9.99… Read more »

The New and Improved Myspace

Staying true to its musical roots, Myspace offers a player with drag-and-drop functionality which allows for faster streaming so that the audience can discover new music sooner than ever before. Furthermore, with the launch of My Radio, users can assume the role of DJ by giving them the freedom to create individual radio stations. The… Read more »