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Get An “All Access” Pass To Google Play

Google has decided to take the plunge into the streaming providers ocean with their new service All Access. Much like its predecessors (i.e. Spotify, Rdio), the monthly subscription service provides unlimited, ad-free streaming of millions of songs for only $9.99 a month. Available on the web and on Android devices, they’re offering a special price of… Read more »

Latest Netflix Strategy Improves Future for Hulu, Prime, Others

Two years ago, the online video streaming services competed for volume of titles and over the same potential users. The dinner table discussion over “Netflix vs. Hulu vs. Amazon” focused on which service offered the most shows and best movies for the price point. This year, the conversation has changed as Netflix has publicly shifted… Read more »

Guest Post: Timeline for Promoting a UK Single Release

The name Caroline Bottomley may sound familiar to you on The Daily Rind. As Managing Director of our Marketplace partner Radar Music Videos, Caroline has already guest written for us to share the merits and best practices of her amazing platform, which connects artists and labels with talented music video directors around the world. Today, she… Read more »