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What Digital Can Learn From Physical

Who wants to know the difference between North American and European pallets? Anyone? If you don’t get it, it’s ok. Many aspects of physical distribution are lost in the digital world. However, some aspects of music distribution transcend format. While many labels have strong digital strategies in place, below are some of the more recurring… Read more »

Reach A Whole New World with Amazon AutoRip

Amazon has launched a new service and this one is for the physical product music buyers. The new service is called AutoRip. Essentially AutoRip puts the MP3 files of a physical product on the user’s Amazon Cloud Drive. Customers of AutoRip who are not premium Cloud Player subscribers will automatically become introductory tier users, which… Read more »

Embrace the YouTube Culture

Last week a client related an anecdote that made me laugh and shake my head in disbelief. It went along these lines: traveling with a group of vastly-wealthy business folks, she listened as they spoke about taking advantage of YouTube’s popularity to make money. Lacking a creative bone in their bodies, these folks spoke about… Read more »