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Got Live If You Want It…

The title of this blog post is the title of the Stones’ first “live” album (a play on bluesman Slim Harpo‘s “Got Love If You Want It”). It’s a poor recording (even rumored to be live in the studio with overdubbed cheering) and the Stones essentially disowned it. We’ve come a long way… In the beginning, every song… Read more »

*News Flash* The Music Business Has Been Fixed

That’s not really true. Let me start differently. The music business is not broken. If I hear one more artist complain about the broken music industry and the small digital payouts, I am going to pull my hair out. (Luckily I am already bald so it is not a real concern.) If you are successful,… Read more »

3D Printing, The New Merch!?

What if you could provide a completely unique one-a-kind experience to your fanbase? No, I’m not talking about a new t-shirt design or buy-one-get-one promo… I’m talking about 3D printing, the completely relevant and attainable concept of creating brand new tangible objects on demand. Recently, The Orchard’s own Kele Okereke of the band Bloc Party… Read more »

Music’s Dips and Trends of 2013: A Summary

As we forge ahead into 2014, numbers and trends of the year past are being released and opinions on the state of the music industry are beginning to surface. Depending on where each opinion stands, different key words are highlighted: decrease, first time, trends, growth, cannibalizing, expected, surprise, change, embrace…  Before you make up your… Read more »

The New Music Video: Cheaper and More Social

Do you remember (or have you heard the story of) when MTV launched in the early 80s and propelled the concept of the music video, whose most known example and reference is still the 14-minute clip for Michael Jackson’s “Thriller?” It was the beginning of an era which lasted almost 25 years, where a music… Read more »