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Beatport Beats to the Tune of SFX Entertainment

SFX Entertainment have purchased Beatport, confirming rumours that have been flying around the internet for a while. The man behind SFX Entertainment, Robert F. X. Sillerman, has purchased the digital music retailer as part of a plan to build a Dance music empire estimated to be worth a cool $1 billion. SFX Entertainment have already invested in… Read more »

Billboard Does The Harlem Shake

Ok, they didn’t really do the Harlem Shake (at least as far as I know) and in reality, this title wouldn’t be making headlines now that thousands of people — sports teams, offices, musicians and celebrities alike — have been posting videos of themselves doing the ‘Harlem Shake.’ The Harlem Shake, if you’re not familiar, is a dance frightening humping… Read more »

Forward Thru The Past: Austin Psych Fest, The Black Angels and Some Texas Psychedelic Originals

Stick around long enough and you can watch musical trends come and go…… Punk fades in the early 80s, goes underground and re-emerges with a (commercial) vengeance. Heavy Metal morphs through various re-incarnations, even Dance music evolves from Disco to House to Techno to whatever Step/Trap/Shake thing is happening. And so it is with Psychedelic… Read more »

Making Dollars and Sense of Copyright on YouTube

YouTube is becoming more important to the music community both in terms of marketing and revenue as well as sharing and engagement. The platform is often confused as being solely a video player. However, as YouTube grows and channel creators become more ambitious, relationships are becoming the driving force of this video machine. The traffic… Read more »