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VEVO Adds Music Video Matching for iPhone Users

February 7, 2012 Industry Trends No Comments

Imagine having somebody hunt down every music video from your favorite artists, organize them, and put them all on your phone for you. VEVO’s updated iPhone app with VEVO Match can do just that. Automatically. For Free.

By providing an automated, cloud based video collection for your iPhone, VEVO has made finding your favorite music videos effortless. Instead of leaving you to fumble through search results while on the move, VEVO Match automatically scans your iPhone’s music collection and delivers the matching music videos. Backed by VEVO’s enormous catalog of over 45,000 music videos, you’re sure to find the high quality, official music video the artist intended.

As artists and labels continue to look to new sources of revenue and fan connections, services like VEVO Match can provide a new opportunity to reach out. Music videos offer a more engaging experience for fans than audio alone. With no visual to go with it, it’s easy for your music to fade into the background as your phone slips back into your pocket. By matching videos to the music already on your phone, the VEVO app provides a fresh look at your music library and an opportunity for fans to see their music in action.

While music on music television becomes increasingly difficult to find, VEVO is determined to bring the music video back full force. By adapting to user trends and eliminating barriers to content, VEVO Match increases exposure and video views for artists while providing a fun viewing experience for fans. So give it a try and see what your music collection looks like.

By Mike Baldo

Coming Soon To A City, Conference or News Feed Near You…

If you haven’t heard from us in a while, you must have been living under a rock…  In addition to being all over Twitter and Facebook, we here at The Orchard have had a great many newsworthy things going on, and we just can’t keep quiet about it! It’s one thing to announce things like how The Orchard turns 15 this year, how we have some incredible new signings and continue to celebrate our devoted clients and how our EU team is undergoing expansion and restructuring, but those are just words! Where’s the face time you ask?

Well for starters, we just wrapped up our time at MIDEM this year. Our VP of Product Marketing, Jaclyn Ranere, hosted an informative session in the Innovation Lab to spread the good word about The Orchard. Also, not to be overshadowed, was the Orchard Penthouse Party that actually made headlines – yep, that’s right, start takin’ notes.

While some of our team was battling the uncharacteristically bad weather in Cannes, our SVP of Marketing, Pete McCarthy shipped off to sunny Cali to attend D: Dive into Media. He joined in on the timely conversation about what changes in media we can expect, what changes we’ve seen and what that means for The Orchard and the industry as a whole.

If you call New York home, you hopefully made it to our NYC Music/Tech Meet-Up. If you missed it, we forgive you and fear not! We plan to host more of these meet-ups as it was a great way for the NYC music and tech community to gather for some hang time that’s NOT in a meeting room.

As we continue on with our Tour de Orchardites, our CTO  Josh Builder will be co-hosting a panel at San Francisco Music Startup Academy hosted by The panel, Getting Under The Hood: Music Operations For CTOs and Developers, will take place on February 14th, and Josh and his co-panelists will discuss action items from a technical standpoint for budding music companies. Can’t wait? Here’s a sneak peek.

Finally, lest we forget South by Southwest in Austin, Texas this March. We will be dusting off our chaps and boots and riding our purebreds down to the Lone Star State (we wish… great visual though, right?). The Orchard CEO, Brad Navin, will be moderating a panel called Navigating the Middle that will dive into the discussion of using (or not using) a so-called “middle-man” to market your music.

We’re moving fast, so to keep up: watch The Daily Rind for all things Orchard, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and if you’re attending one of the events mentioned above, please feel free to reach out at

Foursquare’s ‘Arrivals’ App Takes Tips from Airport Terminals

January 27, 2012 Industry Trends 1 Comment

Foursquare is constantly looking for ways to innovate their popular social media platform and may have struck another milestone. ‘Arrivals’ is a Foursquare app which allows users to see friends’ locations displayed on a separate screen. Its design, inspired by airport arrival boards, was created to be informative without being intrusive.

The screen updates with the locations of your friends, allowing for constant awareness of where they are all day. Developer Dan Williams created ‘Arrivals’ based on a concept by Toby Barnes, creator of ‘Where’s Dad,’ a small display for his son that shows his current location when he travels.

‘Arrivals’ keeps privacy first. There is no timestamp, name of the person or other private information; just the name of the venue and a profile picture. While a small addition to the Foursquare universe,  ‘Arrivals’ may strike a chord with veteran users looking for another way to check out their friends’ daily activities.

For more information on this development, go to the app website or check out “Arrivals for Foursquare” on Dan William’s blog.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user ‘iamdanw’.

Shall We Learn from Piracy and Listen to Users?

January 26, 2012 Industry Trends 2 Comments

To start with, let me state that I am not a piracy advocate. I do however believe that things are not always as obvious as we would like them to be, and the case of MegaUpload has many lessons we can learn from.

Without a doubt, MegaUpload‘s closing-down is good news for the content industry. I still can’t understand how some people can defend MegaUpload, when its business model was making money — a lot of money — on the back of producers and rightful beneficiaries. It’s not about freedom of the Internet, it’s about robbery. This said, MegaUpload shutting down won’t be the end of piracy; there are already 10 new MegaUploads-copycats ready to go, and new technologies and piracy models will always be around the corner… an endless fight, you might say.

So what can we do? Continue to spend billions of dollars for this fight? Continue to upset Internet users and make them more and more distrustful of content industries?

I don’t think that the Internet user’s request is “We want content for free.” I think it’s closer to  “we want a great user experience and maximum choice for an affordable price.”

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Newsflash: People to Pay for Digital Music; But What Does “Pay” Mean?

January 26, 2012 Industry Trends No Comments

Evolution Sketch by Charles Darwin“Give people a choice, and they might pay for digital music, after all.”
— Peter Kafka, All Things D, January 23, 2012.

Damn, that Peter Kafka at the Wall Street Journal is fast. He beat me to the much-anticipated IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) 2012 report on the state of digital, er, phonographic music. Sorry IFPI. But, phonographic? Really?

Kafka’s thoughtful piece is titled Digital Music Sales Grow Worldwide, but Big Music Still Frets About Pirates and is about, well, that. I decided to avoid a re-hash and use his piece as a jumping off point…

His opening line struck me. “Give people a choice, and they might pay for digital music, after all.” Not to get all Bill Clinton but it depends on what your definition of “pay” is. As an industry, we spend a lot of time slicing up pie charts, demonstrating how much of the digital business is represented by download for pay, streaming music services, hybrid outlets such as YouTube and other models. Always lurking just off-slide from the aforementioned pie chart are the pirates. Ahhh, the pirates. Big week for them last week…

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