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Music Makes the (Olympic) World Go Round

As the Paralympics enter their final week, the whole London 2012 team can be congratulated for many things: excellent venues, great game makers (the army of volunteers), fabulous venues and amazing atmospheres. One thing that they might not be applauded for by many was the amazing variety of music that both games have utilised. Having… Read more »

Downloads, Watch Out! Streaming Is Where It’s At

As the digital music landscape continues to grow and change, streaming and downloads are duking it out for a majority stake. Of course, we hope they’ll find a way to live happily side-by-side — like cats and dogs perhaps? — but right now, they’re still feeling each other out. Watching the arena closely are Strategy… Read more »

Get Your NYCROPHONE On and Treat Your Soul to Some Sweet Sweet Music

NYCROPHONE is not an ordinary music blog. The name is an amalgamation of “microphone,” an essential tool in music, and “New York,” a major epicenter for the industry. Created in 2011 by Hauke Gahrmann, a constant fixture in New York’s underground music scene, NYCROPHONE not only provides a platform for artists whose songs and videos are… Read more »