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Spotify Reaches Beyond The Nest with Its Play Button

Just push play! It’s as simple as that. The long awaited embeddable Spotify player just went live, making it super easy to add your awesome — and monetizable! — music to your website and blog, as well as some fast-moving Facebook apps like FanBridge and FanRx, which you can install straight from The Orchard Marketplace. The… Read more »

Indie Artist Makes a Killing from Streaming – Yep, You Heard Right.


If you’re from outside of Scandinavia, you probably have no idea who Jonathan Johansson is. Let me fill you in. He’s a very hip Swedish artist who has been steadily building a healthy fanbase in the Nordics with the aid of his label, Hybris. It was recently reported in Denmark’s Børsen newspaper (equivalent to the… Read more »

It’s All About ME!

Dear _________________ (band, artist, musician, PR company, etc.), Please stop the constant barrage of self promotion. I have no interest in promoting your band on Facebook or Twitter. And neither does anyone else. If you don’t know this, you don’t understand the fundamentals of social networking. People use social networks to express themselves. A status… Read more »