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Board the CMJ “Pirate!” Ship

It’s Fall and we know what that means for the industry: the CMJ Music Marathon.  CMJ will host a series of events from October 16th to 20th in NYC. These events will bring everyone from music reps and artists to college radios, college students, and professional radio (basically everyone) together. Amid all this excitement, Pirate!… Read more »

Scoring a Sync on FIFA

Gone are the days when a sync placement purely involved just TV, film and advertising. An increasingly substantial part of the pie is now represented by gaming. So it’s great news when we say The Orchard distributes 3 of the tracks on this year’s FIFA 13 soundtrack, including efforts by Duologue, Bloc Party and Stepdad…. Read more »

The Battle Against Piracy Continues…

A fresh study into piracy by Musicmetric’s Digital Music Index has looked into the extent of illegal file-sharing across the U.K. It doesn’t read too well for those on the front line of battling piracy! While everybody in the industry has their own opinion on how to ‘fix’ this issue, it still rages on. One… Read more »

It's A Celebration Kind of Year… Happy 30 Years, CD!

Happy Birthday to the CD! common sociology assignment types In the U.K., they’ve been commercially available for 30 years now, with the first titles available on the format coming from ABBA and Billy Joel. CDs are the most successful format in the history of the recorded music industry. The BPI’s quarterly survey of trade shipments first picked… Read more »

Get On The Orchard Psych Bus

While we pride ourselves on the diversity of musical content we distribute here at The Orchard (as we do indeed do it all), there are some genres that continue to rear their heads and shoulders above the pack and span the demographics of our customer base. The one I’d like to cover today is Psych-Rock…. Read more »