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Buy A Record! Why?! It’s Record Store Day!

I’m sorry, what was that? Did you just ask what I was doing this weekend? Well, I’m going to my local Record Store, obvi! T’is true, friends. This Saturday — tomorrow — is Record Store Day 2012, and that means you can celebrate music in its oldest and most tangible form:  vinyl. [And well, you… Read more »

15 Services That Have Changed The Way We Discover And Consume Music And Video


If we could take a snapshot of the state of the digital music industry when The Orchard was first born in 1997, it would hardly be recognizable. With the foresight of industry veterans and young, tech savvy entrepreneurs alike, digital music innovations were a-brewin’ back then and slowly making their way to the fingertips of consumers. We’ve put together 15… Read more »

Vinyl Keeps on Spinning

In a digital age it’s unbelievable news that vinyl sales have increased in the last decade. More people have purchased records than any other form of physical music. Audiophiles like being able to dabble in digital, but also take time to sit back and relax at home while listening intently to their favorites on wax…. Read more »

Spotify Reaches Beyond The Nest with Its Play Button

Just push play! It’s as simple as that. The long awaited embeddable Spotify player just went live, making it super easy to add your awesome — and monetizable! — music to your website and blog, as well as some fast-moving Facebook apps like FanBridge and FanRx, which you can install straight from The Orchard Marketplace. The… Read more »