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It’s All About ME!

Dear _________________ (band, artist, musician, PR company, etc.), Please stop the constant barrage of self promotion. I have no interest in promoting your band on Facebook or Twitter. And neither does anyone else. If you don’t know this, you don’t understand the fundamentals of social networking. People use social networks to express themselves. A status… Read more »

Nuclear Blast Presents March Metal Madness on Spotify!

March is Metal Month and who better to celebrate with than Nuclear Blast?! Not only can you find all your favorite Nuclear Blast face. melting. metal. at Spotify, you can also listen to Meshuggah‘s brand spankin’ new record, Koloss – officially out this week. Additionally, the fine folks over at Nuclear Blast personally curated 3 fabulous playlists for your listening pleasure:… Read more »

Why Spotify Needs to be Worth $3.5B

Recent rumors abound that Spotify is seeking a massive round of venture capital funding – a round that would value the company at a reported $3.5B. Initial reactions seem to be, essentially, “Wow, that’s high.” Indeed, $3.5B is a lot of money. But there are many persuasive arguments to the effect that Spotify is worth… Read more »

Acting Local in Benelux: The State of Digital Music

It has become my custom to complain in these blog posts about how “tough” my life is… I wouldn’t dare disrupt the trend this month! My latest adventure are the two nights I spent in Amsterdam as part of my responsibilities as Vice-President, France and Benelux for The Orchard to personally meet up and talk… Read more »