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When Film Becomes Fashion and Music An Antique…

Last week, the LA Times reported that Millennials “seem to have little use for old movies” while Hypebot reported that for the first time since Nielsen SoundScan started tracking album sales in 1991, “old records have outsold new ones.” Digital consumers see music and film as two different experiences, even though they are consumed through many… Read more »

Dear Pitchfork, Thanks.

Chicago! You’re beautiful. You’ve got great architecture, the perennial underdog baseball team that you just can’t hate on, and you’re home to arguably the most influential music website of say, the last decade or so. Whether you drink their kool-aid religiously or absolutely hate them, Pitchfork have definitely made their mark over the years in the… Read more »

Yahoo!, Yoigo and Spotify! Oh My!

You know what I like to write about? Streaming services. You know why? Cause they’re awesome. What about them makes ’em awesome? Their constant ability to mold and transition with the ever changing market and music consumer. Does this post already sound incredibly nerdy? Don’t answer that… (I type as I push my glasses up… Read more »

Back That Stat Up

Social Media is a beast. Am I right? And don’t even get me started on Social Media Analytics. One day the world is reeling about one service, one hot new tool, and just when you think you’ve got it… you wake up to something harder, better, faster, stronger. I’ve found it to be essential that… Read more »

The Most Valuable Thing You Don’t Know About YouTube’s Business Model


What if I said that the better you understand the mechanism behind YouTube’s business model, the higher your streaming rate will be on YouTube? Yes, that means reading this article could improve your YouTube rates — maybe even double or triple them. Get ready for a major change in the way your content is valued…. Read more »