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Smartphones Turned Strobe Lights… Who’s In?

With the number concerts and festivals rapidly increasing each year, artists need to look for exciting ways to make audiences feel more engaged in the experience. Well, fans of the musician Dan Deacon are in for a treat. The Official Dan Deacon app allows concert-goers to create a syncopated lightshow while enjoying the concert. Coldplay recently… Read more »

Songza… A Music Mood Ring for Every Occasion

As a new Android owner, I quickly discovered a new music application called Songza that seemed to stand out. Songza is a free music streaming and recommendation service that first launched in 2007. What makes this app unique is its “concierge” feature,  i.e. the music it recommends depending on your mood (sleepy, party, concentrating, wake up, etc.)… Read more »

Music Makes the (Olympic) World Go Round

As the Paralympics enter their final week, the whole London 2012 team can be congratulated for many things: excellent venues, great game makers (the army of volunteers), fabulous venues and amazing atmospheres. One thing that they might not be applauded for by many was the amazing variety of music that both games have utilised. Having… Read more »