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The Numbers Are In… Find Out What That Means for the Future of Film

IHS Screen Digest recently released their analysis of the 2011 US online film industry with some major changes from 2010. Other than the industry doubling to reach $992 million, it showed a major shift in consumption from transactional models to subscription models. Netflix alone jumped from a 0.5% market share to a 44% market share… Read more »

Technology Liquefied for Our Fast-Paced World

As technology becomes more efficient, designers and engineers are working swiftly to re-imagine the way these systems function. The goal: creating next-gen technology that is portable, smaller and provides on-the-go functionality for a fast-paced world. This movement towards this new technology has even acquired a name: Liquid Tech. These devices combine a myriad of features used… Read more »

On the Road to Ubiquity… Can Spotify Become “The OS of Music”?

In a recent report by The Guardian, Sten Garmak, Spotify’s director of platform, was quoted saying “we have to turn ourselves into the OS of music.” That phrase might be confusing, because don’t operating systems run on computers, and not on the Internet? Garmak was talking about Spotify’s ambitious goal to achieve ubiquity on the… Read more »

Do YOU Know What’s Coming Next?

I remember when I started The Orchard with Richard Gottehrer back in 1997 (15 years ago!). We told people what was coming next. People didn’t ask for the information and they certainly didn’t like what we had to say. We told them during the height of the CD boom that it was all going to… Read more »