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Acting Local in Benelux: The State of Digital Music

It has become my custom to complain in these blog posts about how “tough” my life is… I wouldn’t dare disrupt the trend this month! My latest adventure are the two nights I spent in Amsterdam as part of my responsibilities as Vice-President, France and Benelux for The Orchard to personally meet up and talk… Read more »

Rdio Gets a Makeover

Among the cornucopia (yes, I just made a Hunger Games reference) of announcements made at SXSW was one by the streaming platform Rdio. What it unveiled was a completely new design by Wilson Miner that promises a faster, simpler and more social listening experience. Not that Rdio wasn’t awesome already… Free to use and easy… Read more »

MTV Wants to Give Artists a Fair Share

There seems to be a trend of businesses looking for ways to generate income for artists through a centralized channel. While artists have seen numbers plummet from physical sales, streaming media has skyrocketed. With some of the biggest players being Spotify, Rdio and of course YouTube, we can see this trend only growing in the coming… Read more »

Changing the Conversation: What Film Festivals Unveil About Distribution Success

After every large film festival, critics and industry pause to take stock and ask “What does this year’s [insert festival name here] mean for the state of the independent film industry?” What they really mean is: Can filmmakers still get lots of money from distribution deals? Are the distributors doing well enough to pay filmmakers… Read more »

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff: Glnk It!

So you’re a band and thanks to this wonderful thing called ‘the world wide web’ (old school!) you have gained fans as far and wide as Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Poland, the USA and everywhere in between. It’s a great thing! And then there’s this place called ‘Facebook‘ and something else called ‘Twitter‘ and you need… Read more »