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Go Indie with Your Summer Movies

Summer will always be summer at the movies. The hottest months make us want to shake off the weight of real life for an epic, otherworldly journey or a silly romp. After being teased by trailers since Christmas, we finally get pay-off in the form of star-studded sex comedies, hyper-enhanced comic book adaptations, and a… Read more »

The Duplass Brothers Set Up Camp at The Orchard


Any fans out there of The League? Or, if NFL fantasy football clubs aren’t your thing, then how about Togetherness? How about our favorite voodoo midwives on The Mindy Project? Either way, you should be able to pick up the common denominator: the Duplass family name. Mark and Jay Duplass are the two brothers taking Hollywood by storm with their… Read more »

Laugh Til’ It Hurts: The Orchard Lands Mob Comedy “A Stand Up Guy”

Get ready for your abs to burn, because The Orchard has just acquired writer/director Mike Young‘s funny mob-affiliated flick, A Stand Up Guy. “What do you mean funny? Funny how?” you might ask. The film follows the story of a low-level mobster, played by Danny A. Abeckaser, who enters the Witness Protection Program after getting mixed up in… Read more »

The Orchard and Tribeca Film Institute Will Move Your Documentary Right Along

From critically-acclaimed Oscar nominees such as Cutie and the Boxer and If a Tree Falls (which, incidentally, was directed by Marshall Curry, whose stellar documentary, Point and Shoot, The Orchard released theatrically in October of 2014), to crowd-pleasing gems like 112 Weddings and The Battered Bastards of Baseball, The Tribeca Film Institute has a long history of supporting… Read more »

The Orchard Climbs to New Heights with Teton Gravity Research

We did it again. We just couldn’t help ourselves! We’ve picked up another very exciting action sports deal. This time, it’s with Teton Gravity Research (TGR), an award-winning media company that sure does know the ins and outs of action sports entertainment. We’re already pals with TGR: we distribute their film catalog. This bit of news takes our partnership… Read more »