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“Club Life:” A Look Behind the Nightlife Curtain

stillEver wonder what it must be like walking into a star-studded, sparkler-in-your-champagne kind of nightclub? Tons of people see the glitz and glam all the time on TV, but few ever get to experience it, much less live it on a regular basis. That’s because few ever reach the New York or Las Vegas big-name club promoter status. But Danny A. Abeckaser did, and now he’s letting you in on the secret life in his film, Club Life.

The movie follows Johnny D. (Jerry Ferrara), a young New Yorker desperately seeking monetary relief for his father’s medical treatment. Just as the stars align in life every so often, they line-up perfectly for Johnny so that he meets top club-guru Mark (played by Danny A. himself, the legendary NY nightlife don). Little by little, hustle by hustle, Johnny broadens his horizons and becomes a top-dog himself. He no longer waits in line behind that velvet rope, but decides who’s allowed behind it. Drama is inevitable – amongst co-workers, his trusted club-going guide, and girlfriend Tonya (Jessica Szohr). Ultimately, Johnny must decide if the sparkling lights and bottle service are enough to tear him away from a more simplistic, blue-collar life, and how to stay in the runnings.

What’s cool about this flick? For starters, it features Jerry Ferrara (whom you’ll know from Entourage) and Jessica Szohr (Gossip Girl’s rebel-darling). On top of that, the film is loosely based on Danny A., the NYC club god who not only stars in the film, but also wrote and produced it. So you know you’re getting a true-to-life insider look.

Be on the lookout for this hot premiere next year! In the meantime, read the full press release here and check out official coverage from The Hollywood Reporter.

Now, press play below for a sneak peak:

Oh, You Are Most Welcome In This House, “What We Do In The Shadows”

WhatWeDoInTheShadowsIt’s time for TIFF — Toronto International Film Festival, that is — and we have one movie screening there that we’re super excited to tell you about: What We Do In The Shadows. Having first premiered at Sundance, this deep and insightful documentary on how age-old vampires live in modern-day New Zealand will give you chills and blow your mind with the information it reveals.

Just kidding!

Well, only about the “deep and insightful” part. What We Do In The Shadows is, in fact, a hilarious mockumentary/comedy brought to you by Flight of the Conchords and Men in Black 3 veteran Jemaine Clement and Academy Award nominee Taika Waititi. Believe us when we say: this one will have you in stitches, and not because Vladislav, Viago, Deacon or Petyr have sunk their teeth into your sweet, sweet skin. Lucky for us and all vampire lovers out there, we have the privilege of distributing this masterpiece digitally, on DVD and broadcast across the United States in partnership with Funny Or Die and Unison Films.

In What We Do In The Shadows, writers and directors Jemaine and Waititi also star as vampires Vladislav and Viago, who along with their flatmates Deacon and Petyr struggle to adapt to 21st century life, from paying rent and sharing household chores to getting expressly invited into nightclubs. They turn a young hipster, Nick, to feast on both his blood and his knowledge of the modern world. We won’t spoil the rest, but you can expect much discovery, surprise, emotion (vampires have feelings, too) and of course, laughter.

If you’re in Toronto for the fest, catch the film at TIFF on Friday, September 12th at 11:59pm at Ryerson, Saturday, September 13th at 9:30pm at Scotiabank Theatre 12 and Sunday, September 14th at 3:45pm at Scotiabank Theatre 3. Now, we expressly invite you to feast on the trailer below:

Find out more about the deal on our official press release, here.

“Loitering With Intent:” Lessons on Inspiration

0fd4739977459a3caa2decbf1ccf3f07What happens when a couple of friends are down on their luck in the midst of a job-hunt? They make their own work, of course! Which is precisely what Michael Godere, Ivan Martin and a slew of other actors and actresses do in Loitering with Intent, the latest film to be added to The Orchard’s catalog.

The true-to-life film came out of the frustration fellow New York City actors and writers felt about the real-life dramas that come from lack of work in the industry. Director Adam Rapp and his motley crew know what failed efforts in the movies feel like. So they did something about it and created their own work with the help of hand-picked friends and colleagues.

The story: Struggling actors Dominic (Godere) and Raphael (Martin) are on a mission to write a screenplay in 10 days. To do so, they decide a retreat to the Catskills is their best option. But their idyllic, countryside setting quickly becomes the center of house party mayhem when their host’s (Marisa Tomei) crazed group of friends start trickling in. The result? More fodder for a screenplay than the so-called “writers” know what to do with.

The movie itself resonates with many in the film industry, but also those looking for a delightful indie dramedy. The all-star lineup also includes Sam Rockwell, Natasha Lyonne and Brian Geraghty, to name a few. The entire ensemble creates a very special friend-fueled romantic comedy that we’ll soon be dishing out for you in theaters and on-demand. Read more about the deal in Indiewire’s coverage and our official press release.

For your viewing pleasure:

Chimères: A New Vampire Tale

ChimeresThe newly released Chimères is not your typical vampire flick. Swiss director Olivier Beguin brings the genre some international allure with a dark, romantic twist. The film takes place in Romania — the setting of all true vampire tales — where a romantic vacation takes a violent turn for Alexandre and his girlfriend Lavia. When a car accident sends Alexandre to the hospital, he receives a blood transfusion that supposedly saves his life. But leaving Romania with new blood in his veins, Alexandre begins the metamorphosis into a vampire.

The change is slow-burning and suspenseful, set against the backdrop of a love story. It is this relatable transformation from man to monster that recalls cult classics such as 28 Days Later, according to horror genre resource Fangoria. The site has already given Chimères 3 out of 4 stars.

Chimères has been well-received at genre festivals around the globe, including Neuchâtel International Fantasy Film Festival, Los Angeles Screamfest and Fantastic Film Festival. Ain’t It Cool News calls it a “blood spattered masterpiece” that is equally “touching and haunting… horrific and heartbreaking.”

Chimères will give you a hint at the type of rich, intense Horror flicks The Orchard will be releasing this Fall — Horror fans, stay tuned! You can catch Chimères on iTunes now — trailer below:

SXSW Panels: Get Your Vote On!

logoHere at The Orchard, we love a good roundtable chit-chat about what’s going on in the industry. So, as you might’ve guessed or already know, we’re really big on conference panels! Next year’s SXSW is no different (yes, we’re already deep in planning…). For the occasion, we have two very important topics to discuss, along with killer speakers who’ll knock your socks off with their knowledge. We just need YOU to get your vote in by September 5th so that we can make these hot-topic discussions come to life.

Vote to see my session at SXSW 2015!Everyone is on YouTube these days, probably even your grandmother. It’s one of the best places out there for new music discovery, and can also be a great tool in an artist’s revenue-making back-pocket. But lots of artists and labels keep getting caught up in the same YouTube conundrum — which is more valuable: making a profit off these videos, or reaching worldwide glory status through exposure? Do we even have to choose? In the panel we’ve pitched, titled “Exposure vs. Revenue on YouTube: Must We Choose?,” our own Sarah Caliendo, VP of Video Services, along with YouTube’s Elliott Walker and Bob Lugowe of Relapse Records will lead you through the ins and outs of creating your own YouTube strategy. Exciting, informative stuff, right?!

Vote to see my session at SXSW 2015!Film distribution is another heavy-hitter in conversation these days — think day-and-date release rise — and we’re all over it with plenty to say. In our suggested panel, which we’ve called “To Window Or Not To Window: Film Release Strategies,” we’ll talk about all the different elements to consider when releasing a new project. From release platforms to distribution strategies, each film needs its own, specific implementation process, and who better to take you through them than our Senior Manager of Film Distribution, Danielle DiGiacomo, along with Adam Klaff of VHX and Harmontown Director Neil Berkeley. Together, they will discuss and give concrete examples of all the windowing opportunities out there and, depending on the film, audience and genre, determine which tactics to use.

Hopefully you’ve already gotten your SXSW badges and are all set for the big shindig. We hope you’ll support our panel picks and will choose to be part of the conversation by voting away (just click on the “vote for my session idea” icons above!). Don’t delay — voting ends September 5!  See y’all in Austin.

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