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YouTube Really Wants You To Subscribe

YouTube has hit the streets this month with advertising urging passersby to subscribe to some of its top creators. This is one of the first major physical ad campaigns pushed by the video streaming service specifically promoting channels. New Yorkers have started spotting ads like the giant one pictured left in NoHo as well as… Read more »

3 YouTube Must-Haves

Making captivating, creative content is the key to a successful YouTube channel. Advanced strategies for production techniques, programming schedule, writing and scripting are crucial for high quality videos, but basics are often overlooked. Unfortunately, some creators have their heads buried so deep in content that they forget about the viewer experience. Whether you’re starting a… Read more »

Explore YouTube’s New Copyright Claims Troubleshooter

Have you recently received a notification from YouTube regarding a copyright claim but are unsure of what it means? Well, have no fear, YouTube user! YouTube’s launched a new Copyright Claims Troubleshooter in their Help Center, making it easier than ever to pinpoint specific copyright issues related to your YouTube videos. The troubleshooter takes you step by step… Read more »