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Become a YouTube Pro with Creator Academy

Following the success of online instructional courses like Codecademy, Coursera and others, YouTube has announced its own free instructional series called Creator Academy. The inaugural 2-week course will run from June 3 – 16 and focus on maximizing your YouTube channel: growing your subscriber base, getting the most out of the new One Channel layout, and programming… Read more »

Prepare to LOL: YouTube’s Comedy Week Is Here

Comedy is arguably the top category on YouTube after Music. Most of the programming innovations are coming from Comedy channels; a lot of YouTube’s original content funding is going to Comedy channels; and a lot of viewers are heading to YouTube to LOL. In honor of this, YouTube launched its first ever Comedy Week last… Read more »

YouTube Ads: More Value, Less Annoyance

It’s no secret that online advertising has flocked to YouTube. The opportunity for advertisers to tap into an already engaged audience of viewers is too good to pass up. But with so many advertisers vying for a spot in front of the crowd, does the ad clutter ruin the experience? You’d be surprised. Online advertisers… Read more »

YouTube Playbook Gets a Music Facelift

If you’re a savvy YouTuber, you may already know about YouTube’s Playbook. Of course, if you’re a savvy YouTuber you already know everything in it. For a while, I’ve grumbled that it could use some reapplication to multiple types of creators. After all, not everyone is making cool episodic series or pioneering animation on YouTube…. Read more »

Get Traction on YouTube: Think “Episodes”

The concept of episodes has been generally associated with traditional cable television only. However, as the line between TV and internet continues to blur, more viewers are looking to internet streaming for their daily fix. It’s clearly apparent that video streaming services like YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix are all vying to compete directly with cable… Read more »