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YouTubing For Businesses

YouTube isn’t just for the entertainment industry and home movie enthusiasts. Businesses are getting creative by harnessing its power to reach customers. Video for businesses can mean a lot more than advertising. Used the right way, YouTube could get a product or service in front of new customers and keep them coming back for more…. Read more »

Beastie Boys, GoldieBlox & Broad City

About a month ago, toy company GoldieBlox created a viral hit with an ad featuring a fascinating Rube Goldberg setup and a parody song of the Beastie Boys’ “Girls” as the soundtrack. GoldieBlox makes toys marketed towards girls that break out of the stereotypically gendered ones normally seen in stores, encouraging the growth of women participating… Read more »

Better Know a Country by Its YouTube Stats: San Marino

Last time we covered Belize, where over 6% of the country’s population visited us that month. This month San Marino ups the ante, sending over 8% of its citizens to watch videos with content from The Orchard. So far 2,200 Sanmarinese have watched our videos over 6,000 times. Our visitors from the enclaved republic in… Read more »

YouTube Ads Your Way with Fan Finder

YouTube made big strides this week in its efforts to drive subscribers to channels. With its new Fan Finder, YouTube is empowering creators to expand their audience while helping viewers find new content to enjoy. The tool allows channel owners to create an ad to represent their brand and channel. YouTube will show the video… Read more »

Better Know a Country by Its YouTube Stats: Belize

When 6% of a nation’s population visits your videos on YouTube in a month, you take notice. Enter Belize! 8,800 square miles of tropical paradise filled with jungle and reefs which exports petroleum and plantains, two things which start with P. In October, 80,000 views of content from The Orchard came via Belize. While I’m… Read more »