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YouTube: Subscribe from Anywhere

The value of subscribers in measuring a channel’s traction is becoming more and more apparent on YouTube. When earnings are based on small fractions of view counts, you need to rely on return visits to really see a return on your efforts. Because you can’t always bet on a random video going viral, subscribers are… Read more »

Indie Music, Meet Indie Comedy

Frenchkiss Records founder Syd Butler is no stranger to filmmaking. He and fellow Les Savy Fav bandmate Tim Harrington met while studying film at Rhode Island School of Design in the mid-90s. They even made a student film with Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane. So when he approached The Orchard about launching a couple of… Read more »

How Google+ Completes YouTube

On the heels of some major site-wide overhauls, YouTube is now introducing Google+ and YouTube integration. The feature is currently in beta, but open to all YouTube partners. As Google strives to make its multi-product experience more cohesive, YouTube can now be linked directly to Google+ brand pages. This association allows brands and businesses to… Read more »