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YouTube Ads Your Way with Fan Finder

YouTube made big strides this week in its efforts to drive subscribers to channels. With its new Fan Finder, YouTube is empowering creators to expand their audience while helping viewers find new content to enjoy. The tool allows channel owners to create an ad to represent their brand and channel. YouTube will show the video… Read more »

Better Know a Country by Its YouTube Stats: Belize

When 6% of a nation’s population visits your videos on YouTube in a month, you take notice. Enter Belize! 8,800 square miles of tropical paradise filled with jungle and reefs which exports petroleum and plantains, two things which start with P. In October, 80,000 views of content from The Orchard came via Belize. While I’m… Read more »

Get Ready for the YouTube Music Awards!

Long gone are the days of YouTube simply being a haven for viral videos of cats, weird dances, and teenage vloggers. The streaming video platform is more popular than ever for finding and listening to music. And with Billboard now including YouTube views in its calculations to determine the most popular tracks on its Hot… Read more »

YouTube Audio Library: Expand Your Creativity… License-Free

After creating some unique video content, YouTubers often find themselves scrambling for background music to add to their masterpiece. Although publicly available copyrighted music can technically be used, it’s often matched by Content ID and monetized with ads by the copyright owner (or blocked entirely). This can be less than desirable for the creator. YouTube’s… Read more »

Taking a Hold of Terror With Shock Till You Drop

We are excited to announce a long-term marketing and branding partnership between The Orchard and top horror web publisher Shock Till You Drop (a division of Crave Online and Evolve Media). Together, we’ll acquire, make available and promote the most innovative and cutting-edge horror films from across the globe. The Orchard’s Multi-Channel Network has taken the helm in the digital… Read more »