Make Concerts As Special As Can Be With Foursquare

Checking-in… Originally associated with hotels, flights, and eventually out-of-town conferences. No longer, friends – no longer. By now you’re surely already familiar with Foursquare, the app that prompts you to check in to restaurants, parks, movie theaters, yoga classes, and of course, concerts! In exchange for checking in, users get points and – if they’re extremely dedicated – respect-breeding badges and titles (Mayor, anyone?).

Foursquare also runs “Specials” for certain venues, where users who check in get access to deals and discounts on their coffee or 11th yoga class. Of course, this is to encourage people to check in with the app, and as a result give the venue information on its demographic – all valuable data for any business owner and marketer.

As of this week, these “Specials” are also available for concerts! Think exclusive tracks, free merch, complimentary drinks, and more. All highly valued items for an eager concert-goer. I know that regardless of how skeptical I am about (over-)sharing my whereabouts to the world (stalker, anyone?), if the band I’ve gone out of my way to see is offering me a signed poster or an exclusive download, I’ll do it.

This new feature is proving how awesome it is this week at SXSW with a handful of participating artists, including Gary Clark Jr., Neon Trees and WALK THE MOON. They’re offering everything from meet-and-greets (yes please!) to limited edition signed posters, and even a chance to get on stage after the show!

It doesn’t take a lot to make fans happy… And you can do it very easily by creating a Foursquare page for your artist and setting up Specials for your events via the Manager Tools. Do it for one show or a whole tour; be as generous as you feel; and have fun with it!

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