Better Know a Country by Its YouTube Stats: Belize

belizeWhen 6% of a nation’s population visits your videos on YouTube in a month, you take notice. Enter Belize! 8,800 square miles of tropical paradise filled with jungle and reefs which exports petroleum and plantains, two things which start with P. In October, 80,000 views of content from The Orchard came via Belize. While I’m not sure what’s stressing our Belizean friends out, I know it must be something, because our most popular content there is lengthy chillout and relaxation mixes.

Another thing the folks from Belize love also starts with a P: Nigerian Hip Hop duo P-Square. Their new release “Personally” was our top content for the territory last month. The largely older male audience is really into rhymes from the continent across the Atlantic. Quite a lot of them are watching on mobile phones, though the computer still offers the lion’s share of views.

People in Belize are also generally very friendly, liking videos 20 times more than disliking them. As many as 50 favorites were added and almost 100 shares, mostly for P-Square.

I highlighted these stats to show that working on YouTube is not always about serious best practices and crossing off items on checklists. Often a fun part of the work is digging into the data and seeing where it goes. This can influence how you publish video, what kind of videos you’re making, how you interact with fans and where you do your marketing. Sometimes you’ll find anomalies in the data and upon further inspection you’ll have discovered a novel tactic or strategy growing out of that data. In this instance, I might take a wider look at P-Square’s performance and might find that we can grow an engaged, revenue-generating audience by targeting some advertising to YouTube users there.

Or I might just call it a day and visit the Great Blue Sinkhole in Belize.

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