Discover Music You Didn’t Even Know You Liked with Spotify

SpotifyWhat do Metallica, Vampire Weekend and Frank Ocean have in common? Nothing? Maybe. However, they helped Spotify announce a number of big items yesterday including new functionalities and a surprising artist that is now available on their service.

Updates at yesterday’s press conference/live stream event included stats on Spotify’s growth, and the unveiling of their new Discover tab, Collection tool, and Follow tab (more on that below!). And after sharing all their exciting news, they celebrated the evening with performances from Vampire Weekend and Frank Ocean.

So! Let’s talk about these updates. In just over a year since Spotify launched in the US, it has become a place for ‘discovery‘ with upwards of 1 million paid subscribers. They consider themselves the biggest and fastest growing subscription service in the United States, touting that they accomplished in 1 year what others took a decade to do.

Building on that growth and aiming to serve all parties involved in the service, their new products meet the needs of both the users and the artists. The Follow tab provides a space where users can follow their friends, artists and other influencers from Facebook friends to Barack Obama. It also suggests music to listen to when you don’t know what your heart desires.

With the release of the Discover tab and personal Collection, artists can connect directly with their fans by sharing playlists and even alerting folks to tour dates and the release of new music. Additionally, users will receive up-to-date information on their favorite artists with the help of Pitchfork and Songkick. The most relevant content will be right at their fingertips — literally. With this functionality, Spotify is also launching mobile push notifications that alert users to new releases from their favorite artists right on their phone. Pretty.neat.stuff.

Finally, and with the feel of a group therapy session, Sean Parker (investor of Spotify and creator of the now defunct Napster) and Lars Ulrich of Metallica joined Daniel Ek onstage to announce Metallica’s inclusion of all their music on Spotify. Metallica, who sued Napster in 1999 publicly, announced their excitement to join the growing Spotify and insisted that their earlier encounters with Sean Parker and streaming services were mostly a misunderstanding. In order to stay relevant in the music industry one must get in touch with their fans, and Spotify allows artists to interface with fans in a personal way.

Now you know how Metal, Alternative and Pop collide — for the benefit of users and artists alike.

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