Do The Cat Daddy; Rej3ctz Are Blowing Up Thanks to Chris Brown

Rej3ctz‘ video for their single “Cat Daddy” hit 9 million views this week.

The trio’s surprise smash single hit the internet less than a week ago, but has already skyrocketed to the top of multiple charts. Not only does the YouTube video (which features Chris Brown) have over 9 million views, but the song itself has already received over 14,000 downloads on iTunes in one week! In. One. Week.

The group, comprised of Mowii, Pee W33 and Bounc3, is from inner city Los Angeles. The Rej3ctz created the signature footwork dance move known as “The Reject” and are characterized by their distinct music, dance moves, fashion forward swag and their own “Rej3ctabulary.” They opened for Chris Brown on his Fan Appreciation Tour last year.

Keep an eye out for these up and coming pioneers of the now worldwide jerk movement.

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