Domo Loves Chiptune & So Do We

various-artists-domo-loves-chiptuneWho’s brown, cuddly, chronically flatulent, and an internet sensation? It’s none other than Domo!!! The official mascot of Japan’s public broadcasting company NHK since 1998, Domo’s saw-like teeth and uniquely ineffable facial expression has captured the hearts of millions, as can be seen in the countless fan-made memes, images and stop-motion animation videos sprawling the Internet. Merchandise sales through Target, 7-Eleven, and other major corporate entities are only helping to boost Domo’s popularity beyond the virtual realm, with many industry insiders predicting that this fun-loving furry creature will soon become a global household name. We are proud to have teamed up with Domo in order to make that happen.

With over six million likes on his Facebook fan page, it comes as no surprise that Domo would have an influential say in cultural trends, especially music! Enter: Domo Loves Chiptune, the first musical compilation tied to the Domo brand. Featuring an international roster of artists that represent the very best in chiptune including Disasterpeace, Anamanaguchi and Henry Homesweet, this compilation is sure to become a collector’s item for Domo and chiptune lovers everywhere. Inspired by the chiptune music featured on numerous Domo videos found on YouTube and other digital streaming services, this compilation consists of 18 carefully selected tracks that reflect this large and vibrant Domo subculture. Moreover, Domo Loves Chiptune features the first ever chiptune remix of the Domo theme song!

Domo Loves Chiptune is sure to be the start of a great partnership between The Orchard and Domo. New compilations are currently in development, including a Domo Christmas album that will feature high-profile recording artists distributed by The Orchard. So if you have a rabbit for a roommate, hate apples, live for bacon or spend more hours than you care to admit daydreaming, then prepare to tap into your inner Domo and check out Domo Loves Chiptune!

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