The Duplass Brothers Set Up Camp at The Orchard

duplass-brothers-indie-filmAny fans out there of The League? Or, if NFL fantasy football clubs aren’t your thing, then how about Togetherness? How about our favorite voodoo midwives on The Mindy Project? Either way, you should be able to pick up the common denominator: the Duplass family name. Mark and Jay Duplass are the two brothers taking Hollywood by storm with their comedic relief. And just this week, we welcomed them into our own family.

In very major #ICYMI news, we announced a new deal we have with the Duplass duo: we’ve got worldwide theatrical, digital rental and sales, cable/satellite VODsoundtrack, even airline — you name it! — rights to a slate of seven upcoming feature films produced by Hollywood’s favorite dynasty of the moment.

While we can’t divulge all of what we’ve got coming, we can let you in on two out of the seven movies. First up, 6 Years. A couple (played by Ben Rosenfield and Taissa Farmiga) put their six year (get it?) relationship to the test when a job offer is dealt to one, but not the other. Next, there’s Manson Family Vacation. And yes, it probably involves what you’re thinking. A nice bit of R&R in the quiet, secluded woods of… the infamous Manson Family murder sites. Charming!

Until you can catch these in theaters (and beyond), read all about the deal itself in our press release or The Hollywood Reporter’s news coverage. Now, check out where this Manson-movie concept came from:

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