The Elephant In The Room: Instagram Video > Vine

vine-instagram-200pxCan we all just call out what everyone is thinking… Instagram Video wins.

I’ll actually start with why I am not too thrilled about admitting this. Instagram from its inception has been simple, clean and user friendly, and in my opinion part of its success can be attributed to catering to the insanely short social attention span of its users. You can scan through your Instagram photos and glean insight into what your friends or your favorite brands/bands/artists are doing within a matter of seconds. With the addition of Instagram Video, depending on how many of your friends are posting videos (5 million clips were loaded the first day of Instagram Video’s release), this will exponentially increase the time you have to spend on the App to check in on what’s goin’ on. I tend to feel like I have been spammed when I’m scrolling through my feed and see a video (Instaspamming? Sorry, had to).

All that said, Instagram still wins. It has better video quality and given the incredible success of Instagram already, has a built in scaleable fan and user base. It is also more viral than Vine, as it allows you to share on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Email and Foursquare. As with most social tools, no one wants to feel left out so if all of your friends start to post videos on Instagram, you will eventually do it — I’ll give you a dollar if you don’t. Lastly, the 15-second format is a pleaser among the majority of agencies and brands as it is familiar ad-length/promo-length territory.

Let’s let Vine have some time to shine (after all we did write a nice blog post about this already which still holds true): its videos are embeddable, which is great, and Vine is far less imposing than Instagram Video is. Vine users know what they are getting with the App… now, Instagram is a crapshoot.

Finally, let’s discuss music marketing with video. At this moment in time, I think both of these vehicles are great ways to tease new content and convey your true personality within your social activity. If you have learned anything from this debate, it is that people are using and consuming social video content — if I were you, I’d use both until you see the scale tip completely (even though it’s on it’s way).

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