New Focus for YouTube Artists

YouTubeForArtistsEarlier this week, YouTube announced a new music-centric site called YouTube for Artists, geared toward helping artists grow on the platform. As YouTube’s user base continues to expand and evolve, more creators are turning from amateur to pro. Both the quality and quantity of the music they’re making are rapidly increasing, making YouTube one of the largest resources for discovering and listening to music. YouTube for Artists strives to tap into this pool of talent to help artists connect to resources that will allow them to bring their music to the next level.

Music Insights

An exciting new feature of YouTube for Artists will be an analytics and engagement tool called Music Insights. Although it’s currently not live, Music Insights will pull artist, album, and track data into a concise dashboard for tracking their efforts. Statistics will show fan engagement at the city level while also pulling in top tracks and views for artist content.


Education is at the core of YouTube for Artists. By empowering artists with core concepts on using the platform, YouTube is helping musicians make better content and more impactful connections with their audience. Combining this information with strategies implemented by an artist’s label and distributor can make for a powerful multi-platform campaign. The YouTube for Artists education resources are comprised of three main sections:

1. Master the Basics

From understanding YouTube’s algorithm to optimization strategies and analytics, this section helps artists make the most of their videos. A brief introduction to user generated content and Content ID is also included. Contact your Orchard Client Manager to learn more.

2. Engage Your Fans

Sharing and direct fan engagement are some of the most impactful ways for artists to attract fans. This section shows artists how to use proven video strategies to interact with their audience and other artists and establish an avid fan base.

3. Build a Career

The turning point for artists is often when they’re able to start earning revenue from their craft. This section focuses on using YouTube tools like Cards to sell tickets and albums as well as the new Fan Funding feature. For more resources check out the Creator Playbook, our other YouTube blog posts and contact your Orchard Client Manager for any other help or questions!

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