Freeloader Friday: Palms, Slum Village, Sons Of Hippies, Weekend, Osborne, Demon Queen

Unknown-1Well everyone, its Friday! This means that you have successfully made it through yet another week.  So, give yourself a pat on the back and reward yourself with some awesome Freeloader Friday suggestions.

To start off, we have a full LP stream of the Palms new self-titled album just days before the release. What makes this album special is that Chino from Deftones and most of the members from Isis collaborated to put this together.

Next, we have the full album stream of Evolution from Slum Village and the Sons of Hippies full EP download of Spaceship Ride. Both albums are out now.

Both of these next albums are out towards the end of July, but we know you guys just cant wait to hear some of their great music, so you can listen to Weekend’s “It’s Alright” and Osborne’s “Hold Up” ft. Joe Goddard now.

Last but certainly not least, you can check out Demon Queens’s music video for “Demon Practice” months before their album release.

So, what are you waiting for? Sit back, relax, and enjoy some great music. Have an awesome weekend everyone!

Palms: Full LP stream via Spin
Palms out June 25 on Ipecac Records

Slum Village: Full album stream via Vibe
Evolution out June 25 on Ne’Astra Music

Sons Of Hippies: Spaceship Ride EP download via NoiseTrade
Griffons at the Gates of Heaven out July 16 on Cleopatra Records

Weekend: “It’s Alright” via Noisey
Jinx out July 23 on Slumberland Records

Osborne: “Hold up” ft. Joe Goddard via Pitchfork
Hold Up out July 22 on Ghostly International

Demon Queen: “Demon Practice” music video via Dangerous Minds Blog
Exorcise Tape out August 6 on Rad Cult

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