Freeloader Friday: Young Man, The Virgins, Pretty & Nice, PVT, The Story So Far, Blank Realm, Gensu Dean & Planet Asia, and Local Natives

Young Man: Beyond Was All Around MeBoy, are we excited this week — we have LOADS of FreeLOADer Friday tunes for you. I’d recommend going easy on this one, really savoring each track.

Eh, who am I kidding!? Gorge away! Feast! Enjoy! It’s Friday, and if you’re on the NorthEast Coast of the U.S., what else are you going to do while you’re snowed in all weekend?

Let’s begin with the return of Young Man, a.k.a. Colin Caulfield, unleashing the third part of his LP trilogy in a couple of months. This new track will give you something to look forward to… Next we’ve got the perfect recipe for a potentially snowed in weekend with The Virgins‘ “Flashbacks, Memories and Dreams,” and an exclusive video premiere for Pretty & Nice (be warned: there’s some skin!), who just released a Deluxe Version of their EP Us You All We.

PVT released the last track of their upcoming album on ISO50, and you can look back at the rest of the album’s track premieres by scavenging their website, preferably to the tune of The Story So Far, who has a YouTube single that’ll pump you up no matter what mood you’re in. Closing our Freeloader Friday today are Blank Realm, Gensu Dean & Planet Asia, and a live stream of Local Natives‘ performing “Heavy Feet” at Music Hall of Williamsburg last week.

Oh and obviously we can’t forget about Valentine’s Day (it’s sneaking up on us!), so we’ve got music for any relationship status ready for you on Spotify.

Stay safe, and have a great weekend!

Young Man: “In A Sense” via Stereogum
Beyond Was All Around Me out April 9 on Frenchkiss Records

The Virgins: “Flashbacks, Memories and Dreams” via Rolling Stone
Strike Gently out March 12 on Cult Records

Pretty & Nice: “Hibernate” music video premiere via MTVU
Us You All We (Deluxe Edition) out now on Lost Colony Music

PVT: “Ziggurat” via ISO50
Homosapien out February 12 on Felte

The Story So Far: “Right Here” music video via YouTube
What You Don’t See out March 26 on Pure Noise Records

Blank Realm: “Cleaning Up My Mess” via Pitchfork
Go Easy out March 4 in U.K. and March 14 in U.S. on Fire Records

Gensu Dean & Planet Asia: “Chuck Berry” via MTVHive
Abrasions LP out February 26 on Mello Music Group

Local Natives: “Heavy Feet” live stream from Music Hall of Williamsburg via BoweryPresents
Hummingbird out now on Frenchkiss Records

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