Treat Your Ears to Frenchkiss Label Group’s First Batch of Artists

frenchkiss label groupFrenchkiss Label Group, the boutique distributor that Frenchkiss Records launched earlier this year in partnership with The Orchard, just released a list of the first nine labels to sign on: ATP Recordings, Cavity Search Records, Cult Records, God Mode, Holiday Friends Recording Co., JAXART, Pendu Sound, Underwater Peoples and White Iris.

In honor of this exciting announcement, FKLG released a label sampler highlighting the music of these fresh, up-and-coming labels. You can download it on Amazon or stream it on SoundCloud, Spotify and Rdio.

The “We are FKLG” Compilation includes the following tracks:

  1. Do It Again (Extended Version) – Guards (White Iris)
  2. Bliss Brain – Slow Animal (JAXART)
  3. If Only We Remain – Two Wounded Birds (Holiday Friends)
  4. Kid Domino – Pete Krebs and the Gossamer Wings (Cavity Search)
  5. Oh – FIDLAR (White Iris)
  6. Lose Your Mind – So Many Wizards (JAXART)
  7. Softly – The Memories (Underwater Peoples)
  8. Louie, Louie, Louie – Eric Copeland (Underwater Peoples)
  9. 4 AM – aTelecine (Pendu)
  10. Olympians – Fuck Buttons (ATP Recordings)
  11. Tracks (Tall Bodies) – Chelsea Wolfe (Pendu)
  12. LYNY – La Big Vic – (Underwater Peoples)
  13. Cold Sweat – YVETTE (God Mode)
  14. Anywhere – Anywhere (ATP Recordings)
  15. Crooked Smiles – Tall Firs (ATP Recordings)
  16. Messin’ Up My Mind – Fletcher C. Johnson (White Iris)
  17. Call From Paris – Starred (Pendu)
  18. Cathedral – Travelogue (Holiday Friends)
  19. Unkind – Matty Fasano (God Mode)
  20. Scarred For Life – Mr. Dream (God Mode)
  21. His Love Is Fine- Von Haze (Pendu)
  22. The Red Runs Free – Steffaloo (JAXART)
  23. Boy Toy – Gentlemen of Leisure (Cavity Search)
  24. Bong Hit – Snow Bud and the Flower People (Cavity Search)

Happy listening!

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