Get Those Butts in Those Seats!

DealflicksDeal sites and flash sales are here to stay and frankly we can’t get enough of them. Here’s one more to keep in mind the next time you’re looking for a great movie.

Dealflicks is a new service that offers movie ticket and concession deals for 40-60% off. In an effort to combat the growing problem of seat filling (due to the sophistication of streaming services, Netflix, VOD, etc.), the company has partnered with cinemas across the country to offer these great discounts.

Users select their neighborhood, movie and showing time, and once they’ve paid, the location of the theater is revealed. Dealflicks states that their model was created in this fashion to preserve the reputation of the theaters they partner with. After a poor year of movie attendance last year, we’ll have to wait and see what effects this and other services like Dealflicks will have on the market. But for now, as far as customers are concerned, keep the great deals coming.

Dealflicks is only available in a select number of cities/states for now, but is quickly expanding. If you’re part of the lucky few, go ahead and try it! If not, sit tight. They should be coming your way before long.

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