Happy Birthday to The Orchard Sports!

The Orchard Sports LogoThe Orchard Sports has officially just celebrated its first birthday. It seems amazing that only 12 months ago, the sports division quietly launched and man has it taken the digital world by storm!

This past year’s successful ride has come down to providing great service for the independent action sports filmmakers of the world. From robust distribution on all the major digital platforms worldwide to beautiful sales dashboard analytics, producers are discovering an entirely new world of revenue opportunity. The Orchard Sports has literally fixed the action sports filmmaking eco-system by providing these great services to a once confused producer community. We’re proud to say that 2012 has been a record year so far and the 2013 slate is looking to be even better.

Recent signings include a host of first-timers to the digital marketplace. Notable newbies are the “OG” of Freestyle Moto-X films, Crusty Demons of Dirt. These guys have been making films for 20 years and have developed a massive global following. Urban ski film producer Stept Productions, whose digital debut hit #2 in the iTunes USA Sports section and #1 in Canada last week, re-affirm that skiing isn’t just for the mountains. We’re also very proud to partner with The Collective. These guys changed mountain bike filmmaking forever, and their classic trilogy, which is now available digitally for the first time ever, will live on as legend in MTB minds. We are very excited that these and many others have chosen The Orchard Sports to be their distribution partner, and look forward to working with them!

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