Harmony Central: Carlon Coos and Crows On Ropeadope Debut

Meet Carlon, the secret treasure of New Jersey, recently scooped up by Ropeadope Digital, the lucky ducks who’ll get to issue the twangy indie quartet’s debut full-length, Johari Window , on September 30th. Why so lucky? Well, the long-anticipated following-up to the band’s self-released Suburban Heel EP overflows with folksy rock songs and meticulously-harmonized ballads that masterfully take cues from 60s rock, Americana, and sweet tea indie acts like Band of Horses. But, hey, you don’t have to take our word for it. In advance of the album’s release, Carlon has offered up one of Johari Window ‘s many stand-outs, “Cantaloupe,” for free download. No stranger to reverb, this song borrows the grain silo massiveness of early My Morning Jacket records, while calling to mind the careful harmonies of Fleet Foxes. Gorgeous, right? Right.

MP3 : Carlon – Cantaloupe

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