How to Post Buy Links and Not Alienate Fans

Social Media IconsSocial media has become a very useful tool for delivering information to an artist’s fans. This is especially true around release date of a new album… and all digital retailers know it! Posting retailer-specific buy links on street week for a new product has become one of the most common asks when pitching for placement. But how can an artist or label make these retailer-specific posts without being too redundant or over messaging buy links to fans?

Tagging retailers on an artist’s social properties typically means better positioning and more committed promotional support across that retailer’s social channels and their storefront. That said, tagging should always be utilized to gain the most optimal placement for any release. Believe it or not, you can make these posts “less commercial” and still appease your retail partners.

Here are some basic rules to follow when posting buy links…

Conversational vs. Commercial – Refrain from telling your followers to buy your record. Rather, try to converse with them and get them excited about the product. Try pulling a notable quote from the lyrics, use a unique hashtag or theme from the album, ask fans their thoughts on the album, or talk about the recording process. You can include a buy link onto just about any post, so make it interesting!

Always link to the product using a short URL – This is pretty basic, but remember to use or another short URL service so the majority of your post isn’t taken up by a web address.

Cater to all territories – See article: Because Your Affiliation Matters: How to Make Money with GeoRiot

Tag only one retailer per post – A retailer will never be enthusiastic about a post or tweet placing them alongside of their competition. If you need to tag multiple retailers over street week, separate each tag into multiple posts.

Space out posts when tagging multiple retailers – In line with the last rule, you want to make sure to spread out posts when tagging a variety of retailers. There is no hard ruling on this, but gauge your fan base and what they expect from you on a daily basis in terms of posts. Most artists should post only one buy link per day in order to alleviate fan frustration with over posting.

Keep it clean – Stay away from any mention of profanity, sex, alcohol and any illegal substances in your posts. (I’m serious.)

Detail price only when it’s a special offer – If there isn’t a special promotional price, there is no reason to call out pricing. This information is only exciting to the consumer when they find it to be a great value and/or a limited time offering.

Happy posting! And feel free to shout out any questions in the comments.

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