Introducing New & Improved Analytics

As an active Orchard client, you’ve probably been using the sophisticated products we’ve released over the past few years; including Release Builder (create releases), Artist Builder (manage an artist roster and their marketing assets) and our new Marketplace (use third party sales and marketing tools). The next logical step is an enhanced version of our Release Analytics so that you can track sales activity across your entire catalogue both at a high level overview and deep into the details.

The new version of Analytics will allow you to better understand your sales trends so that you can shift resources and budget on projects and trends that are worthwhile for your business. Many Orchard clients have asked for new tools allowing for a macro view of their businesses. We listened and developed these new features:

  • Top Charts: The main page of Analytics gives you a quick overview of your label’s 20 best-selling artists, releases and tracks over the last month. This quick overview will give you a snapshot of what’s selling now!
  • Analyze patterns across your entire label, genres, artists, tracks and releases: This priceless macro level data will allow you to rate your performance as a business in addition to the performance of standalone releases.
  • More breakdowns: Our detail pages are well-organized charts that give you granular information, such as where music and videos are being downloaded or streamed (filter by country and store) and what track within a release is most successful.
  • Upgraded and integrated comparison feature: The detail pages now allow you to compare up to 5 identical sets of data (e.g. artists, releases, tracks, genres).
  • Upgraded map performance: Your iTunes heat map is now faster and better than ever. You’re investing promotion money in a specific market? The heat map allows you to track that specific market’s performance.
  • Improved overall look and feel: The new interface includes mouse-over tool tips and improved graphs with an enhanced timeline background.

No more excuses! Go create new releases with Release Builder, market your artists with Artist Builder and The Marketplace, and track your sales activity with Analytics. We’ve tried to create a line of products that impact all aspects of the album life cycle and, as always, we appreciate your feedback and ideas for future upgrades. Please email with your suggestions.

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