This Is Your Jam, And It’s Going Viral: The Black Angels’ “Telephone”

So, you don’t create landscapes on your nails with nailpolish? You’re not searching for a super cute DIY tip or need a good what’s-wrong-with-the-world read? Then you may have missed something great. Only a little over a week ago, HelloGiggles — the kitschy and girltastic blog founded by Zooey Deschanel, Sophia Rossi and Molly McAleer — put up a post highlighting the video of Angela Trimbur dancin’ her pants off in the LAX airport.

Did you like it? I bet you’re going to send it to someone, right? Well, that’s what you and thousands of other people have done in the last few days and up to over 2,600,000 views. So why is this video so viral and why does The Orchard care?

To start off with, there are some music/video marketing lessons here to note. First, I’d applaud HelloGiggles for taking the flashmob, which (come on people) has been way overdone and pared it down to a very digestible, entertaining and perfectly uncomfortable (but in a good way) version. They knew people would love this. I guess I should give Angela Trimbur some love, too. She nailed this dance. Then, you’ve got The Today Show’s camp. Content can go viral without someone actually initiating it, but the lazier we get on Social Media, the more I believe people actually like to be told what to do. Much like tweeting something like, “RT if you’re going to be at our show at Webster Hall tonight,” actually telling someone what you want them to do can often be more effective than crossing your fingers and hoping that they do. The Today Show is embracing the phenomenon of the viral video and adding fuel to the fire by aggregating videos and telling people to watch them (and subsequently make them go even more viral). BTW, you can vote for this video in their campaign here!
Now for the other great part. Along with Angela, the core of this video is the track used. “Telephone” by The Black Angels fit perfectly with her rockin’ 60’s dance moves (maybe that was on purpose, I don’t know). Plus, this is one of the poppier, more upbeat tracks from their album Phosphene Dream out on Blue Horizon via The Orchard and is hard not to vibe to. The Black Angels have their own little video for this track that didn’t go as viral but I should still give it some facetime, too. Here it is below:

It was a perfect combo, great music put with a catchy video that was perfectly marketed through the indie blogosphere plus the mainstream media. This recipe for success has boosted The Black Angels’ sales for the track “Telephone” by a zillion and all thanks to a re-awakening begun by simple, smart and effective viral marketing tactics. Well done everyone — you deserve a pat on the back.

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