Jonas Sees In Color Needs “Help! Help!”

jonas sees in color helpFrom way down in North Carolina, Jonas Sees In Color is “an indie rock band in the truest sense of the word… showcasing a versatile and delicious knack for infectious melodies and poignant lyricism” [BMI].

Named after Lois Lowry’s Newberry Award winning novel The Giver, in which the main character, Jonas, lives in a black and white world and suddenly starts to see in color when he is chosen to take on the responsibility of the hopes, thoughts, and feelings of his entire village. Singer Ryan Downing explains, “Our name is basically a metaphor. One of the most important goals of our music is to create a connection with the listener by accurately connecting the stories and ideas contained in our music in a way that allows the listener to take and interpret the songs as their own.”

After touring relentlessly in support of their self titled debut album, JSIC returned to the eclectic south, homeless and hungry to create something new. The resulting album is a collection of experiences, thoughts, and stories; as startlingly honest as it is brashly poignant; it is the sound of a band who has found new color in the world.

See for yourselves below:

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