Technology Liquefied for Our Fast-Paced World

liquid technology, spider computerAs technology becomes more efficient, designers and engineers are working swiftly to re-imagine the way these systems function. The goal: creating next-gen technology that is portable, smaller and provides on-the-go functionality for a fast-paced world. This movement towards this new technology has even acquired a name: Liquid Tech.

These devices combine a myriad of features used in modern technology into compact, easy to use tools of the future. reports that one of the key takeaways from liquid technology is that “As the costs of operating a physical office space outpace the costs of mobile technology and cloud systems, organizations have the opportunity to rethink the footprint of their workforces. Flexible scheduling and the option to work from home can prove beneficial to both a company and its employees.”

Here are three examples of Liquid Tech that you might be seeing very soon:

The Spider Computer

Designed by Nikolaus Frank, the Spider Computer is a portable device that emits a projected screen and laser keyboard offering you a wireless computer on the go. Plus, it doubles as a phone, making it a great utilitarian device. While still in prototyping, one drawback could be the fact The Spider Computer is cloud-based, and therefore necessarily requires a strong WiFi signal.


The iDelighted projector created by Chen Nanyu is designed for the iPad, iPhone and iPod. The dock projects videos on to your wall and is remote-controlled. The projector is also coupled with an audio speaker, making it great for conferencing and demonstrations. Get more info on Hypenotice.


Taking a page from the book of Polaroid, Instaprint is a wireless wall-mounted printer for Instagram pics. It prints out photos containing the specific location or hashtag set to each Instaprint box. Much like Polaroid, Instaprint develops instant photographs, putting a modern day photobooth at your fingertips.


Photo courtesy of Yanko Design.

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