Get Loud, Get Proud, Get “Ratchet” with Bloc Party

Bloc Party 'NEXTWAVE session' EP

If waiting for Bloc Party‘s last album, Four, required a lot of patience, the band didn’t make us wait long before releasing some new music with The Nextwave Sessions EP, which comes out August 13 on Frenchkiss Records. This five track EP comes less than a year after Bloc Party’s big return following four years away from the studio, and it encompasses the band’s energy, uncompromising vocals, and combustible dynamics. The first of the songs to be released is “Ratchet,” which you can listen to now over at Consequence of Sound. What’s more, the song was just listed as Zane Lowe’s Hottest Record on his BBC Radio 1 show.

Among the many things this EP has going for it is the amazing producer, Dan Carey, who has worked with artists such as Bat For Lashes, Lianna La Havas and Hot Chip. Bloc Party lead singer Kele Okereke describes the creative process of “Ratchet” with Carey: “Ratchet was the first song we recorded with Dan. It really came together whilst we were on tour in 2012. We started slipping it into the sets at the start of this year just to try it out and the reactions were insane. We knew we had something special.”

Let’s take a step back and take a look at how ‘ratchet’ has come into our everyday vocabulary. Originally a Rap-term in the South to describe people who behave like they have little sense, the term ‘ratchet’ has since become somewhat of a cultural phenomenon. Nowadays, not only has ‘ratchet’ spread from its roots from the South to all over popular culture, but it has also evolved into a term that represents realness, or authenticity. The progression can be seen in the context of Bloc Party’s lyrics:

“Make a scene, make it real, make it feel,
Make it loud, make it proud, make it count,
And get ratchet!”

Aside from the catchy lyrics and danceable track, another reason you must check out this record are the innovative graphics in the music video. It begins with a simple shot of Matt Tong at the drums setting the beat. Then Cyriak, the creative director of the video, has the images get progressively more psychedelic so that it sometimes feels like you’re looking through a kaleidoscope. It’s very unique, slightly strange, and completely entrancing.

Catch Bloc Party attending some of the biggest festivals across the UK and Europe, including the Latitude Festival in the UK which they are headlining. Full dates below!

Bloc Party Tour Dates

7/02: Rock For People Festival, Czech Republic
7/04: Werchter Rock Festival, Belgium
7/05: Main Square Festival, France
7/06: Beauregard Festival, France
7/12: Pohoda Festival, Slovakia
7/13: Harvest Of Art Festival, Austria
7/14: Exit Festival, Serbia
7/16: Complex 457, Switzerland
7/17: Poupet Festival, France
7/19: Latitude Festival, UK

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