The Melvins Take Cover (Or Meat-ing The Melvins)

Melvins - Everybody Loves SausagesBehind the creative juices of every artist are the musical influences that have helped mold their sound. In order to pay homage to the music that has impacted their maturation as musicians and songwriters, the Melvins decided to record and release a 13-track covers album titled Everybody Loves Sausages, which is due to come out April 30th via Ipecac Recordings. The record highlights a handful of songs that the band treasures as both music listeners and devout fans of these other artists.

The sludge metal band is not only doing covers of classic songs such as Roxy Music‘s “In Every Dream Home A Heartache” and Queen‘s “Best Friend,” but they are also calling on some of their buddies for help. Everybody Loves Sausages features guests such as Scott Kelly of Neurosis, Mark Arm of Mudhoney, and Clem Burke of Blondie. This all-star cast of musicians rounds out a record that already consists of hard-hitting renditions of timeless tunes.

Since their inception in the early 80’s, the band has gone through a few lineup changes. This covers album presents two different iterations of the band: the full, current lineup featuring Buzz Osborne, Dale Crover, Jared Warren, and Coady Willis; and a reduced version of the band, Melvins Lite, consisting of Osborne, Crover, and Trevor Dunn — who by the way just broke a Guinness World Record by touring the full United States + D.C. in no more than 51 days. These different lineups make for two distinct sounds throughout the record.

Everybody Loves Sausages will mark the 36th studio album/EP for the Melvins. Their unique mixture of Punk and Metal have made an indelible mark on the respective worlds of music, and has transcended to impact other genres as well. There’s no doubt that the Melvins have and will continue to influence musicians and songwriters everywhere.

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