Name Your Campaign (Or How Best To Highlight Catalogue Titles)

campaignA couple of months ago, I wrote a post called What Digital Can Learn From Physical where I mentioned the importance of remembering to use tour dates as a way to highlight catalogue titles. While this is just one example of a good way to campaign your catalogue, I am frequently asked by labels what else can be done, so I wanted to expand upon this point and offer some further ideas.

As I mentioned in that post, tour dates are an excellent time to highlight the catalogue titles of your artist. In the physical world, you often give a discount to retailers on an artist’s catalogue titles to encourage them to take extra stock and sell at a lower price, so fans in the tour towns may be tempted to buy an older title along with the new album being promoted. The same concept applies on the digital side. Think about a temporarily reduced price on catalogue titles around tour dates. Fans searching for the band on a store around those dates will then see the catalogue titles at tempting prices. The same idea can be applied when your artist has a new album or even an artist who has a new release that is not on your label but for which you have catalogue titles. In the physical world, it is again common practice to give a discount on catalogue titles around the release of a new album so that they are racked next to the new one at attractive pricing. It’s an easy way to push older titles along with the new or capitalize on the visibility around a new release.

Of course, you may have titles you want to highlight that perhaps don’t fit into the above scenarios. There are any number of events to which you can tie a campaign. London has an annual Ska festival, so a prominent label put together a campaign on their stronger Ska and Reggae titles to coincide. “Django Unchained” was nominated for several Oscars; what a good opportunity to highlight your Spaghetti Western catalogue. We are most successful at getting placements for campaigned titles when they can be tied to a prominent event. Maybe your label is celebrating it’s 15-year anniversary — think about special pricing on your catalogue titles to coincide with your anniversary events and promo. Some services may be interested in a free sampler to feature alongside.

Not all campaigned titles will be featured prominently by stores, but that is not to say that your campaign can’t be successful. When putting together a campaign, think about what you and/or the artist can do to drive traffic to your pricing activity. Social media posts and email blasts are an excellent way to get the word out, whether your titles have received special placements or not.

Also, don’t forget — we receive many campaign opportunities originating from the services themselves of which your client manager will send details. Think hard about the theme of the campaign and what catalogue titles you have that may fit.

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