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Royce Da 5’9″ feat. Big Sean | “My Own Planet” My Own Planet

Vinnie Paz feat. Beanie Sigel | “Kill ’em All” Kill ’em All from Season of the Assassin

Vinnie Paz | “Drag You To Hell” Drag You To Hell from Season of the Assassin

Vinnie Paz | “Street Wars” Street Wars from Season of the Assassin

Suckers | “A Mind I knew” A Mind I Knew from Wild Smile

Suckers | “Black Sheep” Black Sheep from Wild Smile

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino | “The Situation” The Situation

Greg Nice | “This That Shit” This That Shit from Popcyle

Dutch | “Just Before The Rain” Just Before The Rain from A Bright Cold Day

The Joy Formidable | “Whirring” Whirring from A Balloon Called Moaning

The Young Veins | “Change” Change from Take a Vacation!

Jigg | “Still On It” Still On It from Conversations with the Heart

Army of the Pharaohs | “Godzilla” Godzilla from Jedi Mind Tricks Presents: Army of the Pharaohs The Unholy Terror

Army of the Pharaohs |”Contra Mantra” Contra Mantra from Jedi Mind Tricks Presents: Army of the Pharaohs The Unholy Terror

Pearly Gate Music | “I Was A River (Live Take)” I Was A River (Live Take) from Pearly Gate Music Tour EP

Wakey!Wakey! | “Twenty Two” Twenty Two from Almost everything I Wish I’d Said the Last Time I Saw You

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings | “I Learned the Hard Way” I Learned the Hard Way from I Learned The Hard Way

King Khan and The Shrines | “Land of the Freak” Land of the Freak from What Is?!

Local Natives | “Sun Hands” Sun Hands from Gorilla Manor

Lifter Puller | “To Live And Die In LBI” To Live And Die In LBI (Live) from Half Dead And Dynamite Deluxe Reissue

Lifter Puller | “Let’s Get Incredible” Let’s Get Incredible (Live from 7th Street 6/6/08) from The Entertainment And Arts Deluxe Reissue

Surfer Blood | “Floating Vibes” Floating Vibes from Astro Coast

Surfer Blood | “Swim” Swim from Astro Coast

Year Long Disaster | “Show Me Your Teeth” Show Me Your Teeth from Black Magic: All Mysteries Revealed

Growing |”Hormone” Hormone from PUMPS

PHANTOGRAM | “When I’m Small” When I’m Small from EYELID MOVIES

Rocky Votolato | “Red River” Red River from True Devotion

Cassettes Won’t Listen | “Perfect Day (Remix)” Perfect Day (Remix) from Perfect Day Single

O.C. & A. G. | “Oasis” Oasis from OASIS

Royce Da 5’9” | “New Money” New Money from Street hop

Black Dynamite Soundtrack | “Shot me in the Heart” Shot me in the Heart from the Black Dynamite Motion Picture Soundtrack

The Cinematics | “New Mexico” New Mexico from Love And Terror

The Cinematics
| “Love and Terror” Love and Terror from Love and Terror

The Raveonettes
|”Suicide” Suicide from In & Out Of Control

The Raveonettes | “Last Dance” Last Dance from In & Out Of Control

The Melvins
| “Queen (Electroclash Remix By Panacea)” Queen (Electroclash Remix By Panacea) from Chicken Switch

Clarence Bucaro | “Let Me Let Go Of You” Let Me Let Go Of You from New Orleans

Assembly of Dust | “Arc of the Sun feat. Mike Gordon (Phish)” Arc of the Sun feat, Mike Gordon (Phish) from Some Assembly Required

Yaz Ballz | “Gas Galaxy” Gas Galaxy from Def Jux Presents 4

| “Magazine” Magazine from Magazine

David Mead | “Rainy Weather Friend” Rainy Weather Friend from Almost And Always

DJ Logic | “Hope Road” Hope Road from 2009 Really Raw Honey Underground Mix

Trife Diesel
| “Speed Of Life feat. B.O.B & Inspectah Deck” Speed Of Life feat. B.O.B & Inspectah Deck from The Project Pope (Mixtape)

Bird | “Sweet Heart” Sweet Heart from Girl and A Cello

Trife Diesel | “Respectfull feat. Ghostface Killah” Respectfully feat. Ghostface Killah from Better Late Than Never

David Mead | “Blackberry Winters” Blackberry Winters from Almost And Always

DJ Spinna | “New York feat. Jigmasters” New York feat. Jigmasters from Sonic Smash

| “Life As A Shorty” Life As A Shorty from Life As A Shorty

O.C. & A. G. | “Think About It” Think About It from OASIS

Gift of Gab | “El Gifto Magnifico” El Gifto Magnifico from Escape 2 Mars

The Wolfmen | “Plastic Charm (Courtney Taylor-Taylor Mix)” Plastic Charm (Courtney Taylor-Taylor Mix) from Jackie, Is It My Birthday?

David Bazan | “Bless This Mess” Bless This Mess from Curse Your Branches

Joan Sebastian | “Pide Mas” Pide Mas from Pegadito al Corazón

Soulico | “Put ‘Em Up featuring Lyrics Born” Put ‘Em Up featuring Lyrics Born from Exotic on the Speaker

Soulico | “SOS featuring Pigeon john and Ceci Bastida”  SOS featuring Pigeon John and Ceci Bastida from Exotic on the Speaker

Dude ‘N Nem | “Sounds Sexy” Sounds Sexy from Sounds Sexy

Jades | “Surfin’ Crow” Surfin’ Crow from I Still Hate CD’s: Norton Records 45 RPM Singles Collection Vol. 2

The Weathermen
| “Reports Of A Possible Kidnapping” Reports Of A Possible Kidnapping from THE NEW LEFT

Generationals | “When They Fight They Fight” When They Fight They Fight from Con Law

Sean Bones | “Dancehall” Dancehall from Rings

U-God | “Train Trussle feat. Ghostface & Scotty Wotty” Train Trussle feat. Ghostface & Scotty Wotty from Dopium

Grand Puba | “I See Dead People feat. Rell and Lord Jamar” I See Dead People feat. Rell and Lord Jamar from RetroActive

Steelo | “Hurry Up” Hurry Up from Music

The Antlers | “Two” Two from Hospice

Viva Voce | “Octavio” Octavio from Rose City

The Builders and the Butchers | “Barcelona” Barcelona from Salvation is a Deep Dark Well

Broadway | “Redeeming a Monster” Redeeming a Monster from Kingdoms

Lee Fields | “Love Comes and Goes” Love Comes and Goes from My World

The Budos Band | “The Proposition” The Proposition from The Budos Band EP

Johnny Polygon | “Riot Song” Riot Song from Group Hug EP

Starlight Mints | “Zoomba” Zoomba from Change Remains

Tea Leaf Green | “Let Us Go” Let Us Go from Coffee Bean Brown Comes Alive

Fashawn | “The Outer City” The Outer City from Freedom/Our Way

Figures of Light | “It’s Lame” It’s Lame from I Still Hate CD’s: Norton Records 45 RPM Singles Collection Vol. 2

Passion Pit | “Moth’s Wings” Moth’s Wings from Manners

Au Revoir Simone | “All Or Nothing” All Or Nothing from Still Night, Still Light

Au Revoir Simone | “Shadows” Shadows from Still Night, Still Light

Still Flyin’ | “Aerosmith, Take Me To The Other Side” Aerosmith, Take Me To The Other Side from Never Gonna Touch The Ground

The Durutti Column | “More Rainbows” More Rainbows from Love In The Time Of Recession

The Wooden Birds
| “Sugar” Sugar from Magnolia

London Symphony Orchestra, Roger Daltry | “I’m Free” I’m Free from Tommy

Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens | “What Have You Done” What Have You Done from What Have You Done, My Brother?

Us3 | “Cantaloop 2004: Soul Mix (Radio Edit) Cantaloop 2004: Soul Mix (Radio Edit) from Cantaloop 2004 EP

Johnny Polygon | “Daydreamin'” Daydreamin’ from Group Hug EP

Heidi Montag | “Your Love Found Me” Your Love Found Me from Wherever I Am EP

Dale Watson | “Drag N Fly” Drag N Fly from The Truckin’ Sessions: Volume Two

Josh Reichmann Oracle Band | “Sea At Night” Sea At Night from Crazy Power

Still Flyin’ | “The Hott Chord Is Struck” The Hott Chord Is Struck from Never Gonna Touch The Ground

ISIS | “20 Minutes/40 Years” 20 Minutes / 40 Years from Wavering Radiant

Company Flow | “Population Control” Population Control from Funcrusher Plus

Johnny Polygon | “That’s You” That’s You from Wolf In Cheap Clothing

Floating Action | “50 Lashes” 50 Lashes from Floating Action

King Khan And The Shrines | “Land of the Freak” Land of the Freak from What Is?!

dead prez | “Stimulus Plan” Stimulus Plan from Pulse Of The People

Mr. Lif | “The Sun” The Sun from I Heard It Today

Harlem Shakes | “Strictly Game” Strictly Game from Technicolor Health

Cinemasophia | “Pet Enemies” Pet Enemies from Fits & Cycles

Fagget Fairys | “Feed The Horse” Feed The Horse from Feed The Horse

The Grouch & Eligh | “All In” All In (feat. Gift of Gab & Pigeon John) from Say G&E!

Winter Gloves | “Let Me Drive” Let Me Drive from About A Girl

Cage | “Nothing Left To Say” Nothing Left To Say from Depart From Me

MONO | “Follow The Map” Follow The Map from Hymn To The Immortal Wind

Japanese Motors | “Spendin’ Days” Spendin’ Days from Perception of Reality EP

Angie Arsenault | “Turn Around” Turn Around from Once Upon A Dream

The Soft Pack | “Bright Side” Bright Side from The Muslims

Seth Walker | “Rewind” Rewind from Leap Of Faith

Seth Walker | “Can’t Come With You” Can’t Come With You from Leap Of Faith

Say Hi | “Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh” Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh from Oohs & Aahs

Rootbeer | “Pink Limousine” Pink Limousine from Pink Limousine (feat. Pigeon John & Flynn Adam)

Woodhands | “Electric Avenue” Electric Avenue (Eddy Grant cover)

The Normalites | “Election Day” Election Day from Dead Cat Bounce EP

Yo Gotti | “Sold Out” Sold Out from CM2

Daniel Ward-Murphy | “Act Of Defiance” Act Of Defiance from Until The Morning Light

Chin Chin | “Some Like It Hot” Some Like It Hot from The Flashing, The Fancing

Laura Gibson | “Spirited” Spirited from Beasts of Seasons

Cut Off Your Hands | “Turn Cold” Turn Cold from You & I

Junk Science | “Running Shoes” Running Shoes from A Miraculous Kind of Machine

BulletProof Messenger | “Arm Yourself” Arm Yourself from Arm Yourself

Tim Davison | Sticks & Stones from Long Way From Home

JD Thompson | Old Believer from Chasing Demons

Kenneth Bager | Fragment Eight (Sound Of Swing) from Music For Dreams Vol. 2

Sam Bisbee | Goodbye from Son Of A Math Teacher

The Kinetiks | Lightbulb from Aye Aye Aye Aye EP

Say Hi | November Was White December Was Grey from Oohs & Aahs

The RZA | You Already Know from Afro Samurai: Resurrection

Golem! | Tucheses And Nenes from Citizen Boris

CFCF | Crystal Mines from Panesian Nights

Black Lips | Short Fuse from 200 Million Thousand

Cynic | Evolutionary Sleeper from Traced In Air

Meshuggah | Blood from ObZen

Nachtgeschrei | Herz Aus Stein from Am Rande Der Welt

Alestorm | Heavy Metal Pirates from Leviathan

Wizard | Utgard (False Games) from Thor

Unlight | Death Consecrates With Blood from Death Consecrates With Blood

Legion of The Damned | Pray and Suffer from Cult of The Dead


The Hives & Cyndi Lauper | A Christmas Duel from A Christmas Duel

The Raveonettes | Come On Santa from Wishing You A Rave Christmas

Blue Sky Black Death | Once Away from Slow Burning Lights

Au Revoir Simone | The Way To There – Mark-Anthony Tieku Remix from Reverse Migration

Sune Rose Wagner | Beruset og Forhadt from Sune Rose Wagner

Thursday/Envy | As He Climbed The Dark Mountain vs. Isolation Of A Light Source from Split LP+CD

Laid Back | Beautiful Day (Trentemoller vs Banzai Radio Edit) from Beautiful Day – EP

The Bridge | Let Me Off This Train from Blind Man’s Hill


The Raveonettes | Black/White from Beauty Dies

Au Revoir Simone | Sad Song – Pacific! Remix from Reverse Migration

DJ Babu | Dearly Departed freaturing M.O.P. from Duck Season Vol. 3

Toby Lightman | Color from Serve3: Artists Against Hunger & Poverty

HR | Reborn From The Dead from Hey Wella

Gramercy Arms | Looking At The Sun from Gramercy Arms


Vanilla Ice | Album Sampler from Vanilla Ice is Back! – Hip Hop Classics

Menahan Street Band | Make The Road By Walking from Make The Road By Walking

Jedi Mind Tricks | Monolith from A History Of Violence

Bohren & Der Club Of Gore | Still Am Tresen from Dolores

Au Revoir Simone | Lark – (Ruff and Jam Remix) from Reverse Migration

Ane Brun | The Treehouse Song from Changing Of The Seasons

Frances | The Brain from All The While


Ashanti (feat. Flo Rida) | Let’s Do Something Crazy from The Vault

Luomo (feat. Apparat) | Love You All from Convivial

Cut Off Your Hands | Happy As Can Be from Happy As Can Be

Gardian | Name & Number from Words and Sounds

The Mighty Underdogs | Want You Back from Droppin’ Science Fiction

Carlon | Cataloupe from Johari Window


Termanology | How We Rock from Politics As Usual

The Spinto Band | Pumpkins and Paisley from Moonwink

MSTRKRFT | Bounce ft. N.O.R.E. (Felix Cartal Remix) from Bounce (maxi-single)

Lulu Rouge | Bless You (Minilogue Remix) from Bless You Remixes Part 1

The Sammies | Glisten from Sandwich

Carlon | Cataloupe from Johari Window

Cephas and Wiggins | Richmond Blues from Richmond Blues


Mr. Lif | Presidential Report Vol. 2 from I Heard It Today

The Spinto Band | Summer Grof from Moonwink

George Clinton | Aint That Peculiar from George Clinton and his Gansters of Love

Her Space Holiday | Sleepy Tigers from XOXO, Panda and The New Kid Revival

The Bloody Beetroots | Butter from Rombo EP

Common Market | Tobacco Road from Tobacco Road


Amy Ray | Birds Of A Feather from Didn’t It Feel Kinder

The Clientele | Share The Night from That Night, A Forest Grew

Grayson Capps | Back To The Country from Rott n’ Roll

Tanya Tagaq | Fire – Ikuma from Auk/Blood

Ying Yang Twins | Look Back At It from The Official Work


Back Yard Tire Fire | The Places We Lived from The Places We Lived

Dr. Dog | The Ark from Fate

The Mighty Underdogs | The Anthem from Droppin’ Science Fiction

Passion Pit | Sleepyhead from Chunk Of Change

Tomer Yosef | Underground from Laughing Underground

The Vandals | Change The World With My Hockey Stick from BCC Sessions & Other Polished Turds

Zach Hill | Dark Art from Astrological Straits


Clipse | Play UR Part from Selector Series Guide To Lampin’ Presents: Summer Indie Hip-Hop Sampler 2008

Fakts One | OK from Long Range

Immortal Technique | The 3rd World from The 3rd World

Nati Cano’s Mariachi Los Camperos | Amor Perdido (Lost Love) from Amor, Dolor y Lagrimas: Musica Ranchera

Organized Konfusion | Stress from The Best Of Organized Konfusion

Pas/Cal | Glorious Ballad Of The Ignored from I Was Raised On Matthew, Mark, Luke & Laura

Robin McKelle | Abracadabra from Modern Antique

Takka Takka | Everybody Say from Migration

Tea Leaf Green | Red Ribbons from Raise Up The Tent

That Handsome Devil | Viva Discordia from A City Dressed In Dynamite

The Walkmen | In The New Year from You & Me


Anathema | Fragile Dreams from Hindsight

Amy Ray | Blame Is A Killer from Didn’t it Feel Kinder

Au Revoir Simone | A Flammable Yet Violent World from The Bird of Music

Brendan Campbell | Burgers And Murders from Twilight Bird EP

Candlemass | Droid from From The 13th Sun

Dark Sanctuary | Abre Los Ojos from Les Memoires Blessees

The Dodos | Fool from Visiter

Fozzy | Wanderlust (ft. Zakk Wylde) from All That Remains Reloaded

Kataklym | Taking The World By Storm from Prevail

Keep Of Kalessin | Ascendant from Kolossus

Melvins | Nude With Boots from Nude With Boots

Podington Bear | Fury from The End

Sam Champion | Be Mine Everyone from Heavenly Bender

Testament | More Than Meets The Eye from The Formation of Damnation

Tiamat | Until The Hellhounds Sleep Again from Amanethes


April March & Steve Hanft | Flashback Part II from Magic Monsters

Au | Sleep from Verbs

Charles Bradley | Now That I’m Gone from Daptone 7 Inch Singles Collection Vol. 2

Dr. Dog | The Old Days from Fate

God-Des & She | Jada from Stand Up

Joan As Police Woman | To Be Loved from To Survive

Lulu Rouge | Bless You from Bless You

Mates of State | My Only Offer from Re-arrange Us

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson | Buriedfed from Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson

Mugison | Mugiboogie from Mugiboogie

Nati Cano’s Mariachi Los Camperos | Amor Perdido (Lost Love) from Amor, Dolor y Lagrimas: Musica Ranchera

Pas/Cal | You Were Too Old For Me from I Was Raised On Matthew, Mark, Luke & Laura

R-Swift | Good Mourning from Soapbox

Sizzla | Praise Ye Jah from The Journey: The Very Best of Sizzla

Virgin Passages | VI from Chamber Music – James Joyce (1907). 1-36.

The Wedding Present | I Lost the Monkey from El Rey


Clipse | What’s Up from Re-Up Gang The Saga Continues

Del The Funky Homosapien | Bubblepop from Eleventh Hour

The Dixie-Bee Liners | Lord, Lay Down My Ball & Chain from Ripe

Dizzee Rascal | Where Da G’s from Maths + English

The Dodos | Ashley from Visiter

Fall of Serenity | The Crossfire from The Crossfire

Kataklysm | The Chains of Power from Prevail

Laura Cantrell | Love Vigilantes from Trains And Boats And Planes

Les Savy Fav | The Sweat Descends from After the Balls Drop

LMNO & Kev Brown | Who’s That from Selective Hearing

Look Daggers | Call You Later from Call You Later

Meshuggah | Bleed from ObZen

Nina Simone | Revolution from Protest Anthology

Pete Rock | 914 (feat. Styles P & Sheek Louch)‘Till I Retire (feat. Redman)We Roll (feat. Jim Jones) from NY’s Finest

Testament | The Formation of Damnation from The Formation of Damnation

Various Artists | Elephant Man – Cater for the Poor from Ragga Ragga Ragga 2008

Wu-Tang Latino | Boyz Del Barrio – Mama Fly & Polzino – Freshest Thing from Presenta La Familia

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