No Holding Drowners Down

drownersMatthew Hitt isn’t from New York. In fact, he isn’t even from the States, hailing from a rural area in Wales. Yet for some reason, since his arrival in the Big Apple in the summer of 2011, Hitt has felt right at home. “I just like the way things look here. I like the way things are done here. I like how late everything happens.” In fact, Hitt goes so far as to suggest that moving to New York has affected his songwriting: “I think that being in New York influenced what I was trying to do with economy in song structure and instrumentation. It’s like, here’s what I’m trying to say. Okay, I said it. Now it’s over. Onto the next one.”

How New York of him; no time wasted, onto what’s next. So, what was next for Hitt?

Over the course of the next 6 months, Hitt kept his nose to the grindstone. He met the guys that would make Drowners a reality — Jack Ridley III (guitar, vocals), Erik Lee Snyder (bass), and Lakis E. Pavlou (drums) — they secured a record deal with The Orchard’s Frenchkiss Records, and cut their teeth performing as often as possible throughout the mean streets of NYC. They were even able to put together their first EP, entitled Between Us Girls, which was very well-received and spawned the single “Long Hair.”

Now, more than three years since his arrival in NYC, Hitt and the rest of Drowners are preparing to drop their first full-length release, Drowners. With Matt’s economy of words in tow, the lyrics flow smoothly without any frills. Add Jack, Eric and Lakis’ infectious joie de vivre and charisma and you have yourself a record that promises to take you up the whole emotional scale.

Drowners is scheduled to hit your ears on January 28th; if you find yourself in the BK area on the 31st, you should head out to their album release show at Bowery Ballroom. It’ll make you want to whip your long hair.

In the meantime, check out the video for the first single off the record, “Luv, Hold Me Down:”

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