The Orchard Captures Josh Locy’s “Hunter Gatherer”

hunter-gathererThe Orchard adds another heavy hitter to the early 2017 line-up with the acquisition of filmmaker Josh Locy‘s debut, Hunter Gatherer. Starring Andre Royo (The Wire, Empire) and George Sample III, you can expect the 2016 SXSW award-winner on digital platforms this January.

In Hunter Gatherer, Royo acts as Ashley Douglas, a former prison inmate that is trying to regain a foothold on his past life after being locked up for years. Despite making the discouraging discovery that the world continued to spin while he was in the clink, Douglass makes an effort to rekindle old love and launch a business with another outsider played by George Sample IIl.

Hunter Gatherer Executive Producer David Gordon Green noted that the festival favorite “is a rare independent film that isn’t loaded with sentiment or cynicism, but has a beautiful balance of humor and heart.”

Royo earned the Jury Award for “Best Actor” at SXSW 2016 for his performance in the critically acclaimed film. Hunter Gatherer will be in theaters in NYC and LA on November 16 via Rough House Pictures before a theatrical rollout.

Check out Deadline’s exclusive announcement and get the full scoop from our press release.

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