The Orchard Film and Quad Cinemas Shack Up

The Orchard is thrilled to embark on an exciting relationship with The Quad Cinema, New York City’s first ever four-screen movie theatre (it opened allllll the way back in 1972) and one of the only independent arthouse movie theatres still thriving in this city. But getting “butts in seats” (to use industry-speak) at indie cinemas is increasingly challenging, so the Quad has developed their forward-thinking QuadFlix Select program, in which curated filmmakers get a week-long theatrical release at The Quad Cinema, combined with a dedicated film publicist and reviews in major N.Y. publications (that coveted N.Y. Times review cannot be underestimated), and now, digital distribution via The Orchard.

Our first release in this partnership is Chronicling a Crisis, the latest film from international renowned director Amos Kollek. The son of the Mayor of Jerusalem, Kollek made his film debut in 1985 with Goodbye, New York, starring Julie Hagerty (best known for her lead role in Airplane). In his ensuing career, he has been celebrated by the Cannes Film Festival (with one award, and a nomination for the festival’s top prize, the Palme D’Or), Berlin Film Festival (with three major awards and 2 nominations), and several of the other most esteemed film festivals in the world.

Chronicling A Crisis, now available on iTunes, is a daring and intense personal documentary that the New York Times called “illuminating […] deeply honest […] a naked portrait of successful self-analysis, of a man reaching backward for the strength to move forward.” After a major film failure, Kollek seeks to examine his addiction to filmmaking and his conflicted family relationship, in the meantime falling into a strangely co-dependent relationship with a Lower East Side drug addict.

The Orchard plans to release some of Kollek’s “lost classics,” which have been played theatrically around the world and captured star turns from the likes of Alec Baldwin, Audrey Tautou, Justin Theroux and Faye Dunaway. Watch in the coming couple of months for his 1998 masterpiece Sue, a Berlinale-winner which Variety calls a “haunting portrayal of a lonely Manhattanite who slowly descends into madness.”

We here at The Orchard Film are super excited to bring more high-caliber cinema to the digital space via our relationship with this groundbreaking NYC institution.


osnat Shalev-kollek

This female character from the film is amazing, She cant solve her problems by herself. So Vulnerable & wild in the same time….we should find a way to give her love & attention, hope she will quit heavy drugs gradually & look at herself as is. Robin Remias is her name- lives in the West Village.

Arnold Sasportas

So glad to read that Orchard Film and Quad Cinemas are “shacking up” and that New Yorkers get to enjoy Amos Kollek’s classic films.Unfortunately I live far away,on the shores of the Sea of Galilee,and wont be able to attend in the near future.All the best,


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