The Orchard Goes on a ‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople’ With Latest Acquistion

000070.26559.16689_huntforthewilderpeople_still1_juliandennison_samneill__byunknownperson_-_h_2016Great news! We’ve reconnected with the witty and fun Taika Waititi to bring his amazing new action/comedy Hunt for the Wilderpeople to North American audiences. This is our first Sundance acquisition of 2016. In the past, we’ve found gems such as The Overnight, Finders Keepers, and Digging With Fire. What can we say? We know the good ones when we see them. 

The film follows Ricky, a difficult 13-year-old kid with a passion for burning and breaking public property, and his bad-tempered foster uncle Hec on a runaway journey through the New Zealand wilderness where they try to escape Ricky’s social worker. Their story attracts national news and picks up the cringe-worthy headline “Perv takes orphan into the bush.” The two are forced to put their difference asides and learn to get along in order to survive. Hilarity ensues and a heartwarming story about an unlikely friendship emerges. The film has received rave reviews after its initial screenings at the Sundance Film Festival last weekend, and now every upcoming showing has a waitlist.

It was a pleasure working with Taika Waititi and his team on What We Do In The Shadows, and we are so excited to do it again for Hunt for the Wilderpeople. Check out the teaser trailer below, and get more details from our official press release and Deadline’s coverage. Stay tuned for more news!

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