The Orchard: Killing It At NARM Once Again…

The 2012 NARM Convention was a huge success this year for The Orchard in terms of business closed, deals announced and goodwill spread — and the Physical Team was no exception.

In addition to meeting with top accounts, from Amazon, Transworld, AEC, Hastings and Super D to the all-important indie stores and their coalitions (including Spencer Hickman, the manager of the soon-to-be open Rough Trade Megastore in Brooklyn), the team found time to “socialize” with these same accounts as well as some of our label personalities like Michael Nobrega from Volcom and Curtis Casella from Taang! Records.

On Wednesday night, the Physical Team attended the Dodgers/Giants baseball game (where for some reason they still rooted for the Yankees, Red Sox and Phillies anyway), then we headed back to the Hyatt Regency lobby to find more old friends like Liz, Andrea and Reg from CIMS and Luann Myers from AIMS. Our favorite car music at NARM this year? A tie between the new albums by The Shrine and Kadavar (two great driving albums on Tee Pee!).

Another exciting win for the team last week: The Orchard announced the acquisition of Iris Distribution!

Check out the pics of what went down at our high-level meetings with NARM veterans such as Mark Hudson from Transworld, Record Store Day co-founder Carrie Colliton, and Larry Mansdorf and Carl Mello from Newbury Comics. There was some steak-eating, refereeing, bullying and cheering… You’ll wish you were there.

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