The Orchard Loves to Market… Part One

Here at The Orchard, we take pride in delivering the music of our artists and labels to all of the places around the world where it can be purchased or listened to. Once it’s delivered, we use our charm and relationships to get front-and-center placement so that our clients’ music gets the attention it deserves, and the royalties, too.

We figure that everyone enjoys pretty pictures, so we created the graphic below to highlight some of the outlets we market to. There’s a lot — which is why we have a global team located in major music markets to do the heavy lifting.

The Orchard's Marketing Map: Money Makers

Thanks to Airene Resurreccion for the graphic.


Richard John

Good to know that you guys are on top of your game! We appreciate our partnership with you here at Rymatica Recordings! Thank you!


James Johnson

Keep up the great work you guy are doing over there.
We at Unknown Source Music know’s the importance
of consistency and foresight ,that experience really shows.

Thank you

Andreas Aerakis

Awesome job ! Great ideas ! Always i believed that Cretan music can be world famous but through your team Orchard i saw it with my own eyes ! Keep going !


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